Oi Mr Retailer, us girls are different sizes you know!

One of my favourite blog posts to write.
It seems to be “popular” again according to my blog stats, so I thought I would repost it again. Of course the screenshots are out of date, but the content is STILL VERY MUCH TRUE!!


large (3)Now, first things first…. I am tired, I am hungry and I am tired and a tincy wincy bit miffed. I am a size 18 girl, I have gone in the past from a size 14 (I cant remember before then, I may have been a size 12 when I was younger) to a size 20. I have gone through all the different ways in which clothing is made, what feels good on me and what really doesnt. I am currently looking for a lovely show off Christmas party dress that I can wear. I wear dresses pretty much 5 days a week without a fail, I used to be one of those girls who hated them. But it could be me, as I have gotten older or “larger” (let’s be blunt now), I have wanted that extra comfort. So instead of the tshirts that finish at the waist, I…

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My heart.

I think we are all a little delicate in our own little ways.

I have found out this the hard way. I have liked those who don’t like me, I have not liked those who like me, and when I do like those who like me they are in a relationship.

I definitely found this out this weekend. My head is all over the place. I said I wouldn’t let them get to my heart, but they did it in less than 30 minutes. No matter how hard it tried.

Why did I let myself go back there again?


I need to distance myself from you, but I can’t. It seems you cannot move on as well. The idea that the truth comes out when yourequired tipsy. It’s ever so frustrating.

So frustrated.

Breathe, relax and chill – pause your anxiety


Every once in awhile, we just really need to sit back, relax and take our mind elsewhere.

I definitely have those moments and still have them, where I just need to walk away. I do it at work, when I am stressed I take 5 minutes and just stand outside, look up at the sky and remember how minuscule you are in this small world of ours. I think in this quick paced environment we live in nowadays, where anyone can contact you with a press of a button, we do need to take time out for ourselves.

You will see at the top of my blog there is the menu section, if you’re ever feeling this way and just need to chill, click on the link “&Chill”.

Here within this little space of heaven are a number of links that I have found over the years that have really helped me relax. Anxiety attacks are bloody awful, I know. But we only have 1 body, we need to learn to love it more.

  • Quiet place – take a few minutes out, no music, no distractions and just focus on what you can see
  • Rainy mood – I freaking love the sound of rain, so this always chills me out
  • Do nothing for 2 minutes – what is says on the tin, please just use this if you need a quick fix. But if you don’t do what it says, it’ll take longer, just relax and go with it. It works
  • The thoughts room – don’t know what to do with your thoughts, put them here
  • Intotime – a relaxing interactive colour website
  • Silk – have a play with some interactive silk
  • Have a hug day – the happiest link on earth, do you want a hug? let strangers all over the world give you the biggest hug you deserve
  • Liquid particles – what it says on the tin, go and play
  • Stress analyst – see how it can help you!

I am updating it often, and I try to make sure that they all still work haha!

Go and have a look, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know🙂



Autumn Snuggly Time


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It’s that time of year again, the awkward stage between Autumn and Winter season and what is a girl to do?

Around this time of year is where all the girlies and of course some lovely boys get out their extra thick woolly jumpers, their gorgeous new coats, hats, scarves and gloves and pretend to look so glamorous yet not look cold at the same time. So I thought I would put together some of the essentials which I always have around this time of year, with of course some new additions.

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You’ve got this girl.


buy this print here… 

Life is a bit of a struggle sometimes isnt it? We all put so much expectations on ourselves, we all strive to the best whether in personal life or work life, we all pit each other against each other, no matter how much you say you don’t. How and why did we become all so stressed?

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Don’t be afraid to leave him

A post I created back in 2014.
Still makes me sad to this day.

If you are in an abusive relationship, please speak out.


This is a different post to anything before.

I’m currently watching Loose Women at the moment and they are talking about domestic violence,  how to overcome it and leave your partner.

Throughout University I lived with 2 boys and 2 other girls. One of the girls and one of the boys were in a relationship.  They were happy. After a while I started noticing a difference in my best friend (the girl). I saw her being more reclusive, I saw her becoming more and more sad and she was just different but she put a smile on her face.

I can’t remember how far into their relationship but I knew something wasn’t right and she emailed me, saying I need help. She only was the next room down and her door was closed. I knew that this was becoming more apparent.

I emailed her back saying what’s happened, she said…

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50 quick questions to pass a Sunday


  • What was your favorite food when you were a child? I think it was the standard nuggets chips and beans. 
  • What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? I don’t have an ipod but let me check my phone haha, it’s oh, it doesn’t tell me I’m gonna go for something Adele
  • What is one of your favorite quotes? I’m not doing it wrong I am just doing it differently 
  • What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity? Drawing/colouring in
  • What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Hmmm dusting
  • What is your favorite form of exercise? Talking count? Lol
  • What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? At night when it’s nice and quiet
  • What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? Hmm canoeing lol I’ve no idea
  • What is your favorite body part? On me? Er, smile?
  • What sound do you love? Waves lapping up against the shore

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