Warm, comforting and the best remedy for chronic pain – the yuyu bottle

So if you don’t already know I suffer from a chronic and invisible illness called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…..which I’ve spoken about previously and it’s recently getting worse.

Due to this pain in my veins, I find it very hard to find a medication that will work and luckily heat helps me and relaxes me.

Today I was driving home and I could feel my arm was becoming increasingly weak, my pulse was going all over the place and I couldn’t breathe. Pain was going down all of my left arm and I just pulled over and cried.

I got home as quickly as I could, took my make up off, got in my pj’s and I know it’s the middle of summer but I had to get my yuyu bottle.

Last Christmas my parents bought me the most amazing present that anyone I think with a chronic illness should have.

The yu yu bottle.

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But you don’t look unwell… living with pain

invisisible-illness-catYou see people in pain every day and sometimes they can be visible and sometimes not. I am in the “not” section. I first started becoming unwell in around about 2007. I have in the past 7 years found that I have a number of conditions, but at the end of the day you really have to think to yourself…….. someone is a lot lot worse off than you! I thought I would talk about my pains of the day lol, thoracic outlet syndrome.

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Drunk minds speak sober thoughts

907fcf9a6966c8c0337e510dd55682eaJust a quick post today, as I am feeling in a reflective mood. Why is it when we drink, we start to think of all of the shitty emotional things that you have been storing away in the back of your mind!

You know those thoughts that are under lock and key, you don’t want to think about that person, situation or those emotions.

I often find myself going back to the same thoughts and emotions each time I become tipsy, and this is where I need to surround myself with other tipsy people. I honestly don’t think that I could be the type to drink on their own, otherwise this may happen:


It could be me walking past certain spots of town, where I know I have created a happy memory there, or a certain song…. I will become a mental mess LOL!

But drunk minds do speak sober thoughts, and the amount of times I have had to put the phone down…. STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE CATHERINE!!!! I know I have been there far too many times, either via myself being too truthful or my friends/my crush… it can end in tears and it often does!

So what do we need to do……. we need to get drunk with other unstable emotional best friends.

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Makeup vs you.

Everyday us girlies and I’m sure some boys decide whether to put our war paint on. Our make up doesn’t define who we are but we define who we are using make up.

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We are misfits but we work.

I have two main friendship groups in my life and of course the special ones in my life that fit to make the puzzle but I love the friends that I have in my life. We are all different and we all have to roles which we just fit perfectly together.

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My summer so far.

So the last few weeks have been pretty busy, hence why I haven’t really been blogging.

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A simple thank you, can mean the world to someone.

thank-you6Two of the simplest words you can say, but two words put together says so much in so many different ways.

I am all for saying thank you, for complimenting others. I love to send my friends little thank you cards and notes every now and again, or buying them a little gift just to say a simple thank you.

I think a thank you can change someone’s day. It can change their mood. It may even bring a simple smile to the grumpiest of person…..you hope!

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It’s okay to cry you know.

cryPretty much everyone nowadays wants you to be happy in your life, they want you to see the positive in all aspects of your life. This could be that they truly want that for you, or you want to be positive to others, but sometimes underneath it all, it could be that either we don’t want to talk or we don’t want to listen. 

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