My dream.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA tumblr_mvluxaPAGt1s3lf4oo1_500

My dream is to just be happy.

Happiness comes in many forms, I am not the type of girl who wants the designer clothes, the fashion lables, all the expensive handbags, shoes etc. I like the simple things in life. I do like the cheap clothes, I always look at the price beforehand even though I absolutely love the clothing, if its too expensive I feel that its not right for me.

I would like in 5 years time, to be settled down with someone, to have my own house/flat/bungalow haha I don’t mind what, as long as I am not surround my druggies and really rude/loud people I will be fine.

I want my friends to realise that I am here in the background, even though there is now this distance and they’ve all gone off with their boyfriends. I guess appreciation would also be nice, I know I know selfish!!

Is it just me or is that too hard?

OHHHHHH and also to be thinner!! God I would love to be thinner haha. 2014 is my year.



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