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Since going to America a few years ago now, I found the brand of E.L.F (Eyes, Lips and Face) make up. Its lovely and not so expensive and they always have great deals going on their website, so I thought as I have loads of their products I will review them! 🙂 I will review them out of not only their categories but also 

– quality (out of 5)

– design (out of 5)

So here we go:




I have both of the palettes shown above, the coloured one for nights out and the nude colours for the day time. The applicator is not very good, its quite weak and does not pick up the shadow effectively when applying to your eyes. Some of the colours appear weak in the photos shown above, but when applying them you have to apply a number of coats. I do prefer the coloured palette as there is more choice, but the nude one is great for day to day make up. The only downside is – the colours are all pretty much the same when on, unless you have a great brush/applicator.

Quality – 3.5   Design – coloured – 4 // nude – 3



I have this in the black and I use it for nights out to define my eyes, it is really easy to apply and you do not need many layers at all as it goes on quite thick. When applying you must be able to apply correctly as it is quite hard to get off, as it is rather sticky. But the shimmer on this is amazing and it does last a very long time on your eyes.

Quality – 4 Design – 4



This is really good product for brightening up the corners of your eyes, especially if you are wearing some amazing eye shadow. It really does bring out the clarity of your make up, whether you use it in the corner of your eyes or underneath. It can be quite powdery so you would need to invest in the correct applicator and you must remember to use a primer underneath as the glitter can go over your face.

Quality – 4 Design – 4



The colours are gorgeous in this palette, they are so affective and great for that dark shimmery night out look! The purple and the black together are so effective. I absolutely love the “how to” on the left hand side and it is so simple to follow, I loved my eye make up when I used this on a night out with the girls. The eye primer is good, although it needs to be rubbed in properly as it can lump up into the folds of the eye lid (could be my age!) The applicator, I used another brush – I just cannot seem to like the applicators from ELF. The eye pencil is okay, its not amazing as some branded make up but it does well for its job! 🙂 

Quality – 4.5    Design –  4.5



It comes in a variety of colours which is great, I did go for the black/grey colour and it is very easy to apply. There is not a lot of it within that large product casing design, but it does the job. I do feel like you always need to angle it, as the product feels waxy it shapes to the way in which you apply it to your face.

Quality – 4 Design – 3



Choosing your own designs, ELF allows you to have either lips or eyes or both! Each section is worth £1.50 so chose your pallet wisely. I chose all the colours I love and it is great for a night out! I do wish that it was in black though (for once!)

Quality – n/a Design – 4




Hmmm, not the most effective of make up remover pens. If you have done something really bad ie winged eye make up, it will smudge. It is ideal for little mistakes but if it is a lot you may need to reapply your make up.

Quality – 2.5   Design – 2.5



I think this is a great product, it really does clean your brushes well and it smells great. You do not need a lot of the product on your brushes, I would say that the only downside is – it takes forever to dry your brushes.

Quality – 4.5      Design – 2 (just a black bottle)




This is their best product, and I mean it. It is so great especially for the price that it is, I suffer from various skin colours/issues etc and it covers it all up completely (especially my redness and my black bagged eyes!!) It is really easy to put on and yes please do not use the applicator, use another brush to get better coverage. The only one I haven’t really used is the yellow one, but the rest are going down very quickly especially the blue and green. I would recommend.

Quality – 5  Design – 4.5 (make it flashy not just black, it deserves it!)



Look at the price so cheap! It is great for coverage and when I say it smells lush it really does, you can smell it on your face its very strange. The product is creamy, it can sometimes be quite greasy/oily but I guess that could be my skin. I have two variation shades of this product, as I ordered them online I was unsure but the shades are quite similar to my skin tone so I was rather happy.

Quality – 4  Design – 4



This was the first product I bought from the company, I was in America at the time so I had a tan and therefore I bought the more “coloured” one lets say. It is great for what it is, but it does sometimes make your skin dry. The shades can be quite haha er in your face, but it’s alright for the price. The little puffer thing (yes I am so technical) can be weak but it depends I guess how often you use it!

Quality – 3 Design – 3



If I could recommend any product it would be this, its just amazing. One side is a waxy type product (left hand side) and the other is a pigmentation a kinda eye shadow but thicker feel. They definitely define the eyebrows but not making you have a scouse brow, it gives you the natural look and of course it comes in all different shades as well are all different ladies!! 🙂 The applicator is good, but I prefer to use a specific eyebrow applicator.

Quality – 5 Design – 4.5



Some amazing colours are offered here, the brush and the actual design is rather cute! The brush I prefer to have an actual blusher applicator brush and not a tiny one like this, but it is ideal just to slip into your handbag! The colours are great, I have two of them and they are effective, you do not need a lot on your brush and it does last.

Quality – 4.5 Design 4.5



LIP STAIN – £2.50

I love deep coloured lipsticks/balms whatever and I thought that this would be perfect, its not. It’s so watery, it really does not come out in the colour that is shown and there is a strange taste/smell to it. I have only used it a few times and I don’t think I will use it again. It’s not strong enough, I know it is a stain but it is not even that.

Quality – 1.5 Design 3


LIP STAIN – £3.75

It seems that I am not a fan of their lip glosses, the pink section is really thick and gloopy. The colour is stronger than the other lip stain but it is so sticky. The clear section just makes it shiny.

Quality – 1.5 Design 3



This is a strange product, the colours are great and effective. The product is small so it fits well in your bag, but the one downside and it could just be me – the “plumping gloss”. The sensation on your lips after you apply is just very strange, it tingles and hmm the best way to describe it, it is like apply a menthol application to your lips it is that fresh feeling. Very strange, so currently just sticking to without the plumping section, which kind of defeats the object of the product.

Quality – 3.5 Design – 4



My ultimate favourite lipstick is the Kate Moss collection Matte – so when I saw matte lipstick on the site I had to try it out. I bought two different shades and I am finding the purple/pink shade to be the best, it is easy to apply and a good quality too! It does not often smudge and you do not have to apply a lot. I would buy this again.

Quality – 4.5 Design – 4


LIPSTICK – £1.50

I thought I would give these a try and I have bought a number of shades, my thoughts are hmm… I personally am not keen on shiny products. If I was to paint my finger nails I would use a matte finish for example, so you can imagine how I feel about shiny lipstick. It does glide on lovely, the colours are great as well and it does last some time. Just not for me personally.

Quality – 4 Design – 3



Great! Really exfoliates your lips and makes them have no flakes, gives them a shine and makes them all smooth and lovely! The taste (yes its on your lips course you’re going to taste) is a sort of vanilla fresh taste, I would say the only downside is the actual exfoliator parts within the lipstick can go in your mouth if not wiped all away properly. I have bought two of these. Would be great to look into having different shades.

Quality – 5 Design – 3 




This is a good brush, it does great coverage and the bristles are nice and soft – there is a big comparison between the white section and the black section. The white section does look dirty more often due to the colour and some of the hairs are slowly coming out. But great for the price.

Quality – 4 Design – 3.5



I have actually been using this brush a lot, it is great for applying for the base of the colours and it does pick up a lot of the mineral make up. Another eyemake up that I use this for is the previously mentioned cream eyeshadow, amazing for this.

Quality – 4.5 Design 4



Amazing price for a great brush. I use this every day for my foundation applications, its a nice and smooth brush which allows the application of the foundation to be easily applied. I love the bright yellow of it, as most of ELF’s designs are just black and white so this really sticks out.

Quality – 5 Design – 4.5



I personally am not keen on this, it is great for the inner corner of your eye but I find it too hard. I would prefer it to be slightly softer to gain greater coverage. It would also be good to have different sizes as well.

Quality 3 Design 3




The nail polishes are sold in a variety of different colours, shades and looks (ie glitter) – of course would need a number of coats but it is a great colour this particular shade. I did buy it around the Christmas time, so I did a number of designs because of this shade.

Quality – 3.5 Design – 4


So there you have it, a review of one of my favourite make up brands. I hope it makes sense to you and I hope it helps as well. If you wish to check them out their website is:

http://eyeslipsface.co.uk/en/restofworld/page/home – for UK of course

http://www.eyeslipsface.com/ – for USA

Please check them out!!


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