The Brit Awards 2014.

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The BRIT Awards are coming, my favourite night of the year as I love it, the drama, the music and of course the awards. Over the past few years it has definitely become very……… safe. We used to see artists and audience members going on stage, there were things being thrown about, swearing galore and it just seemed to be out of control and I personally loved it.

Nowadays the BRIT Awards is a big long snake stage surrounded by rich people and celebrities having their dinners not wanting to get up and dance. They just stare at the acts and it always looks like they are paid to be there, whilst the actual “audience” of the normal people lets say, are stuck up high. Let’s go back to when the acts could actually sing to the audience, feel their hands, give them high 5s and truly thank their fans.

Anyway, haha rant over the meaning behind this post is to put who I want to win the awards this year so here we go…….. 

British Breakthrough Act

Nominees are:

Without a doubt in my mind (and not that I am extremely biased listening to their album now) but Bastille HAVE to win.

British Female Solo Artist

I am definitely torn on this particular category between Ellie Goulding and Jessie J, I would recommend both of these albums to anyone without a doubt. But if I had to chose for once I would go with Ellie Goulding.

British Group

Now, as a mid 20 year old girl you are not probably meant to admit this but by god I do love a bit of One Direction. Of course if they win all the tweens will be happy they would “pee themselves” as they often say on social sites. But yet again gotta stick with my boys – Bastille.

British Male Solo Artist

This is positively the worst category, it seems that David Bowie has just been shoved into this – the other 4 I really couldn’t care less who would win. Three of them I have had to google, so I think I will have to go for Tom Odell although he annoys me. Bad choices Brit Awards.

British Single

This is so so so so so tough, as I love each and every one of these songs. I would say that the only one that shouldn’t be nominated is actually One Direction, who actually performed this at last years Brit Awards show – so if it’s going to be up for an award it should have been last year. Anyway – hmmmm, choice.. I think I will chose 3 – Ellie Goulding – Burn, Bastille – Pompei and Calvin Harris – I need your love. SO TOUGH!!!

International Female Solo Artist

Even though Katy Perry for the life of her appears she cannot sing live, I would be happy if she did win this category.

International Group

I would actually like for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to win this, as the Daft Punk song is grating on me so much, Kings of Leon I do not know of any songs this year and the rest I have no idea about.

International Male Solo Artist

Without a doubt this has to be Justin Timberlake, look what he has done for music this year and all of his awards. He was without a doubt my favourite at Wireless last year (which I have blogged about)

MasterCard British Album of the Year

Finally – Bastille

These are my opinions only, all links are linked up with the Brit Awards website.


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