Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

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I absolutely love this series, it has been so captivating and a must see to watch. I pretty much have watched all Big Brothers apart from maybe 3 series and everyone kinda knows those 2 series Normal  Big Brother 12 and 13. So I thought I would give my opinions on the housemates…. 


How adorable is Ollie, seriously. The way he looks at Sam is just so cute, he does not have a bad bone in his body and if I was his friend I would be so pleased and proud of him. The way that he stood up for himself after the nomination on 23.01 was amazing, he was not embarrassing he stood up for himself and Luisa and Linda just bullied him. I really hope that Sam actually likes him because that would be lovely.


Biggest game player. She has her good qualities of course but she is definitely playing a game and the others are starting to see it. Lee wear’s his heart on his sleeve and she is taking advantage of that. She has the absolute case of bunny boiler and the green giant ie jealousy. You cannot get that jealous of someone over a few days, if Lee was to meet those two both on the same night for example would she act the same. I highly doubt it, she would probably be like “yes I kissed a celebrity now lets sell my story”. Not a fan, but she does have her nice points.


I have changed my opinion of him from outside the house to inside, he seems like a real genuine, decent, loyal, trustworthy guy who is very family orientated. Of course he has his paddys which are hilarious but he is definitely just being him. Please pull up your trousers though haha.


I nearly forgot about Sam, what has she actually done? She should have stuck up for Ollie when he was being bullied, showed she had no backbone at all. I cant really think of any highlights to be honest.


Blah. He came out with the strangest comments about animals and gays (not together!) and I think he was basically thinking all throughout the experience “I am going to sack my agent, what the fuck am I doing in here?)


I have tried to not have any pre thoughts about Jim before entering the house due to all the allegations but I really like him. He seems like a decent guy of course can get hot headed but who wouldn’t in that house! I do believe that he is again being bullied by Linda, whatever he says its his fault and he is the one to blame for everything. Just ridiculous and he is so calm, but I can imagine him to blow soon.


Definitely a funny one, very Wednesday from Adams Family. She of course has some personal issues which she needs to address herself as her smile is beautiful. I believe as she has had so many downsides and negatives in life that is the only thought process that she has nowadays, which I just feel very sorry for her.


I have a very biased opinion on Lee as I am a massive fan of BLUE and I have met him and been to a number of concerts etc. I know of fans who have said that some of the clips we have seen on Big Brother is showing the real Lee (ie the negative sections) but then other times I see the Lee that I have seen on a number of occasions (when he met the fan for etc). Lee definitely wears his heart on his sleeve and I do believe that he is being played by Casey, he really likes Jasmine but she does not like him. I hope that he really see’s this when he does come out.


Hmmm I don’t know what to make of her I really don’t. She seems nice but bitchy at the same time. I can’t really say tbh.


Good job Lionel, he was in his 80s and he did everything that he was requested including dressing up in PVC haha, oh the images!! Scary stuff. He stood up for himself when he needed to and he was strict but fair and of course funny.


Strong opinionated, independent, lively, bitch and bully, funny, kind – I think that’s how I would describe her. The show would not be the show without her, she says some of the worst things but is one of the most entertaining housemates. I wouldn’t want her to win though.


I cannot stand Linda. She wants people to stand up for themselves but takes the piss out of them when they do, I have seen her smile maybe once or twice, anything Jim says she takes the wrong way and she needs to seriously move on with her life. She is sour faced and again she is bullying some of the housemates – of course people may say it is the editing but why aren’t they showing anything positive from her. Even Luisa when watching her on the screen says she is not coming across properly. I wonder what she may think of herself when she comes out. Hmm

So they’re my thoughts, lol the last one has made me annoyed so I’ll say:


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