I’m living the movie of Julie and Julia – without the cooking & the man….

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So here I am sat writing my blog whilst watching Julie and Julia and I start to realise when watching this that my life is Julia’s at the start. It made me feel like crap. I do deal with generally the same type of people everyday, I cannot begin to tell you how often customers make me feel like shite on the phone.

I seriously do not think that the public *dammit got so annoyed my nail varnish smudged (repaint) hmm anyway* think about the way in which they speak to the other person on the end of the line. I work in a “call centre” type business for the local council, so you can imagine the type of calls. Of course there are some absolutely love people but most of them and I mean 90% of them are men having a go at the council but it feels like it is me. I know that they’re not having a go at me personally but it’s hard when they’re shouting down the phone to you and being so rude!!

Over the past few weeks especially due to all the bad weather we have been getting and the high volume of rude calls that I am receiving, I am starting to really hate my job. It is not something that I want to be doing at all. I have applied for jobs but I have been declined. Then it got me thinking when I was watching Julie and Julia how much I love blogging, I love to write about how I am feeling, my thoughts, opinions etc and it is absolutely my little break from all the chaos.

The film of course goes through the idea of blogging about cooking, well there’s no way that that is going to happen as I cannot cook!! But it just made me realise how special it is to have your own personal view out there and if someone else agrees with you great!

I want to do something that I enjoy, that gives me escapism and this is it. The film is definitely a “role model” film for those bloggers out there. I may not be able to cook and I may not have a man in my life, but I am trying my hardest to blog.

ps. remember if you ever do call through to complain to someone just the sentence “I am not having a go at you, I do apologise” it seriously relaxes and makes the person who is taking your call feel just that bit much better. 


2 thoughts on “I’m living the movie of Julie and Julia – without the cooking & the man….

  1. I worked in a restaurant for a while (although I can’t cook either) and I imagine that industry and call centres share a lot of the same customer hassles. I think this movie planted the idea of starting a blog in a lot of people’s minds, or at least changed their opinions of them. I know it did for me.


    1. Definitely makes you think it is sometimes the best way forward without ranting at work 🙂

      Gosh I can imagine all the grumpy customers, eurgh horrible people sometimes!

      Ta for commenting 🙂


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