The book of Face.

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What has Facebook resorted to?

It used to be one of the best places to communicate with people after leaving somewhere, or not having someone’s number, a quick and easy way to say hello. My time at Uni was the best place for this, keeping up to date with my friends at home, talking to my parents and just uploading photos to share with loved ones (although some I am now regretting), nowadays it’s all about stalking your exes, ex friends, reposting this photo because someone somewhere wants a kitten and no one actually having a conversation.

Facebook it seems to be somewhere where you collect a list of friends, watching whatever they do; updating stupid look at me statuses, uploading photos of their car, babies or themselves in that stupid pose shown above. You have this urge to although however much they annoy you to keep these people on your list, whether looking at their downward spiral makes you feel good about your own life, or just because you’re a nosey bugger. The feeling you get after “unfriending them” is a weird one, its a mixture of guilt and freedom. The guilt comes when you next see them and they know that you have unfriended them, I have had it when I have gone to look for someone on my list to talk to them and they have unfriended me, I mean yes sure you do go through the “what the hell have I done to them” phase, then you think ah well my closest friends are my real ones.

Another annoying thing about Facebook, and its not the game requests its THE PEOPLE:

the stalker:

this is the person who stalks what people are doing and bring it up at a later date, the person who never posts anything and is just in the background. These are also the people who stalk their exes or their ex friends, to see what type of life they are leading now, whether they are missing you or having a better life without you.

the attention:

‘oh my god, my life is awful’, ‘im so ill’, ‘someone text me’ or having the same status updates every 3 days on repeat. Along this section would be the people who post the photos of themselves, posing in a mirror pouting away and then editing it with the caption “i look rough here but i dont care what you think” then 5 minutes later put up a status update of “oh my god im so lonely”, GET out and meet people.


single, relationship, single, relationship, single, relationship… seriously, no wonder the bloody divorce rate is up if all you’re going to do is annoy your partner on facebook with the threat of going single and not talking it through. As well as this, the people who are forever in relationships, ie those who are never single and if and when they are they complain about the opposite sex or moan about others in relationships. The single person who is constantly updating their status updates, photo uploads about how annoyed they are about being single.


you know those particular individual who feel it is their duty to comment on politics, environment, money, religion and that only their view is the best. annoying.


“share/like/comment” if you feel that this person needs a new kitten, can rescue this person from cancer (a like will not do this, donating money will – I have nothing against people who are promoting the help for cancer, but doing these things will not help cancer). Share if you support our troops – of course you support them, support them in other ways.


updating a status “how do I do this?, how do I do that?” either find out for yourself or google it. That’s how I have learnt.

the annoying ones:

my least favourite of them all, the people who comment and like on EVERYTHING that you post. The simplest update you do, they have to comment and question about what it is about. I am sorry, mr nosey fucker did I ask you to comment on this. When I am uploading music videos/photos in which I like onto MY wall, why do you comment on it and say “this is rubbish, this is better”. I am a nice person, I do not want to block you, but you will be blocked soon.

the unaware ones:

you know these are the people who see a comment that someone else has done on your wall and decides to comment onto it or like it, as well as this these are the people who seem to think its okay to comment on a photo with loads of likes on it – this means that ALL those people then receive a notification. I believe the worst of these types of people are those like I have already said who comment on something someone else has already done and then starts a conversation with another person who also thinks its a brilliant idea to comment on that post. Just absolutely ridiculous.

the ones who share:

hmmm, I can be known to do this – sharing links, photos, videos from sites which they found to be amazing, funny, pretty, true etc. They sometimes can be aimed at someone in their friendship feed, how they are feeling that day or just random. It is often the case when the rest of your facebook could not give a damn as to what you put on there. Just be aware lol!

Anyway, thats my rant over for today it does seem Facebook just seems to be getting more and more ridiculous.

I dont know, maybe it’s just me.


4 thoughts on “The book of Face.

  1. Okay I was with you until…the lecturer? I don’t get it, people shouldn’t have an opinion and share it? I don’t know many people who don’t think their opinion is best…do you?
    And people who comment on what you have posted on a PUBLIC forum…however frequent are wrong to do so? That’s like saying I went for a quick jog in the PUBLIC park naked and someone had the nerve to comment.
    The fact that ALL people receive a notification when someone comments, surely that is the ‘fault’ of the design and not the individual who uses the design. What am I missing here? What you seem to be saying is someone built a door and then some people had the nerve to actually walk through it. Is this a joke rant that I’m not getting? Enlighten me.


    1. The lecturer is aimed at those of my friends in particular, I know not everyone is like that and I am definitely not saying that they cannot comment on whatever they feel is right or wrong otherwise what would be the point in a public online community. Some of my friends on my facebook (and please remember that this is MY facebook, so I can only judge or say what I see) post status updates/photos/links etc all the time and then message me when I haven’t even got involved to say that please look at my view etc. I never get involved as it is there opinion but when it feels that someone is forcing their opinion on to you it is different. I understand that we are all different otherwise we would all be boring individuals with the same ideas. It definitely was not meant to come across as “you’re not allowed to have an opinion and share it!”

      Again the commenting, when in my opinion it is the same person again and again commenting then it can be a bit annoying, especially when it has no link at all with what I am putting up. I don’t write on other people’s photos/links saying “oh this is rubbish” etc, it could be my personality and ways. But I respect that someone wanted to put that on their facebook, because that’s what they find interesting – I would never do that. As well when I receive private messages from my other friends noticing that they are always commenting, then it becomes more obvious to me as well and to others.

      And finally, yes it is definitely the fault in the design – this blog post was from a previous blog dated months ago (and you know how often facebook changes) and I updated the blog and to be honest on this particular “section” this was not updated. Facebook have made changes, it used to be when people kept commenting on a status/photo and they had a conversation – you as the facebook profile person where the status/photo belonged to would receive notifications. I had one particular one where I had over 20+ notifications and my other friends were messaging me because they liked the post that “god they’re talking a lot, why can’t they talk in a private message”. But that has been improved since then.

      LOL, I hope that has “enlightened” you, it is definitely a joke post it is never intentionally set out there to make someone annoyed. Everyone’s posts are individual, everyone takes a post apart differently in their own mind and judges it – it’s sometimes difficult to come across via text what mood someone is in when writing this.

      Facebook is a unique personal social media platform in which people have the right to say and do what they want, but if something niggles at you all the time it can be frustrating. IF this still doesn’t make sense, then don’t know what else to say apart from its only Facebook, it’s only my personal opinion, glad that you commented to get a different view and thank you for sharing it.


      ps sorry for the long reply haha.


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