Obligatory Valentines Day Single Awareness Post.

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So here we are my most favourite day of the year…… valentines day, yay (!)

25 years later and I have been single for every 25 of those years, each year I see the merchandise, the flowers, the cards, the balloons, stuffed animals, just RED! RED EVERYWHERE. (It doesn’t help that I cant stand the colour red). 

I know a lot of single people will dislike this day as it just feels like its being rubbed in your face, but it’s down to you if you make others affect you like that. Valentines day or Hallmark day as many call it now, is a day to show your loved one that you love them. Whether it is a big or small gift, no gift or just words, you are declaring that you like/love them and no one else. Which I think is just adorable. 

Of course I would absolutely love that, I am the type of girl that doesn’t even get a card – how miserable is that!! So I really don’t know any difference at all. Then there are the girls & boys who get all the attention, that’s my jealousy. 

So bring on 15th of February – Single Awareness Day. 

If anyone wishes to join me with a dinner for 1, a bottle of wine and a romantic comedy tomorrow night (14.02.2014) then you are more than welcome….


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