90’s girl memories

What I have learnt about myself during lockdown (2)

The 90’s appear lately to be a great era to have been a little girl. I was born in 1989 in the UK, so all of my childhood was throughout the 90’s so I can definitely state that I am a 90’s kid. If you were born 1995+ I do not classify you to be a 90’s kid as hardly any one remembers the first 5 years of your life. *sorry not sorry*

I’ve chosen a number of pictures which represent how I feel about the 90’s:

Mascara for your hair.

I had the green one – why I chose green I have no idea whatsoever. But it was cool to put mascara in your hair. It depends on how good your hair was and the quality of the colour of your hair but it was a great statement. You could literally have multicoloured hair. You have probably seen that they have slowly started to reintroduce the hair mascara, I know I have and each time I think to myself “who is going to buy that?” then I think of little me. Not only do they have hair mascara now, but hair chalk!! Looks amazing either way, haha!  Definitely the 90’s are coming back!

Update – I went to the spice girls concert 2019 with hair chalk.

Jelly shoes


I loved having jelly shoes, the feel on your feet, the smell (apart from when you have sweaty feet) and of course the different colours and styles that you can get! You can show of your amazing nail polish that never goes away on your toes. They are great for summer, especially if you are going into the sea! The water just drains away and they are much more comfier than flip flops/thongs. Last year we saw a huge surge of jelly shoes coming back, the waft of plastic as you enter shoe sections in the high streets. I think only certain people can pull them off, but hey nowadays they come with heels!! Definitely, the 90’s are coming back!

Skirt/trouser combo


Now I don’t know whether it was just me but I had this combination, this was the ONLY photo that I could find to justify what I mean by this. The skirt/trouser combination is basically just that, they were trousers which you wore with a skirt on top. I definitely remember in the 90’s how many people wore this outfit, which is shown by Lisa Scott-Lee from STEPS in the photo above. My most embarrassing moment – I was wearing a white version of this, went to the cinema and I sat on pink Hubba Bubba, the skirt did not cover where this was stuck on my arse. So disappointing! Glad that these are not coming back into fashion! 

The inflatable chair


I absolutely loved having an inflatable chair, definitely 90’s definitely. The noise it makes when you move around the chair, how long it took you to blow the bloody thing up and the different shapes and sizes that you can get. Bean bags of course were great as well (my friend actually broke her toe falling over her bean bag haha!) but there is nothing better than the inflatable chair. The heartbreak when it started deflating and you there was no going back was horrible. But thank god for people who love the retroness of this and is bringing them back. Definitely 90’s is coming back!



These are the main 3 books which I remember as a kid from the 90’s. The Goosebumps series, The Babysitters club and Biff, Chip and Kipper Books. Does anyone else remember these books? I think some of them are still around actually. I love the fact that there will be a Goosebumps movie coming out soon, and the idea that younger children will become more involved in which were/are a brilliant series of books. I remember at night curling up in bed and reading the Babysitters Club books, just imagining being one of the characters and losing myself in a good book is always such a good thing to do as a child. Hey, who could forget the Biff, Chip and Kipper books, the books that we learnt to help us read when we were in Primary School. That feeling you had when you moved up to the next level, was always a big bonus and a pat on the back ! Go younger you!

Polly Pockets

Polly Pockets were one of my favourite toys, I actually have most of the one shown on the right and I do own the one on the left (when I say own – its in the attic!).. When looking for photos of Polly Pockets, I had a quick look on Google and I am not joking I couldnt stop smiling!! I kept going “I had that, oh my god and that one, aaah totally forgot about that one!!!” The fun and adventure that you can have from these little pieces of plastic were amazing. Each pocket book opened up to show a different world, whether it was a hairdressers, book store, pet store or anything else the makers could think of, you had your own little adventure. They introduced smelly sweet scented sites, magnetic and new characters all the time. Then…… the world went crazy and health and safety just went berserk – HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF POLLY POCKETS NOW!! they’re nearly the size of some of the original “worlds” absolutely bloody ridiculous. Bring back the original ones.


I freaking loved Barbies…… I did have a Sindy but Barbie was the best. Basically I loved the blonde Barbies (possibly because I am blonde myself), but I love the fact that Barbies came in all hair colours, skin colours, physiques and styles.  I know that Barbies have gone out of fashion, which really does actually make me sad. They are a girls first best friend, they give you the choices of different personalities and experiences. When your Mum buys you Ken for the first time it is definitely an experience. But I do think that one of my favourites was actually called “Becky”. She is the Barbie shown above in the wheelchair and I think it must have been amazing for those children in a wheelchair to have a Barbie like that, I actually begged my Mum to buy me that particular one, as I thought she was so unique and brilliant. I have seen introductions with those who have no hair for cancer victims and I just think it is admirable. I really hope that Barbies are coming back. Hey look at dashing Ken, did anyone have this one, where you could shave his beard off?! Or how about the original Barbie Rapunzel with the most amazing hair!!


Look look!!! Are you jealous lol I have shiny Charizard. No seriously I did actually have this card and it was the best thing when you FINALLY got it. Gotta catch them allllll – Pokemon!, Sorry I could not resist. Can you remember the craze about collecting all of the Pokemon cards, trading with your friends, neighbours and strangers lol. When children actually interacted with each other and not just online! The use of the gameboy was also brilliant. I had the yellow one and the Pokemon games were great to use. All those times where you were trading your cards, had arguments and just stacks and stacks of them in your room. I still like Jigglypuff & Bulbasaur – so cute!! Pokemon was insane in the 90’s. Hey who could forget SM:TV with Ant and Dec – the pokemon battle. This is my ultimate favourite!!, altogether now BRYAAAAN!!

Click to watch


Postman Dance

Talking of a little show above, how amazing were Saturday mornings – you either had Live and Kicking or SMTV. I used to watch Live and Kicking until this monster of a show came along. It was the first show that I had seen where it was not only a kids show, but there were so many jokes for the adults and it started in the morning – well 9:25 to be precise 😉 I love the fact that they also took the piss out of kids so much, you wouldnt get away with that nowadays. Who could forget the will they wont they in Chums (ps YAY they did it and secondly how did they get Mariah Carey as the bridesmaid), Eat my Goal, Challenge Ant, Anty and Deccy, Cat the Dog, The Beautiful Corrs (they were beautiful), Splatoon, the hilarious Wonkey Donkey and of course the Postbag. Still to this day when I hear that clip I get up and do the dance routine….. why don’t you!! Go on click the photo above! **

TY Babiesgroupphoto_jb.jpg

TY Babies were my favourite, I used to have loads and I even made sure that the tags were kept in shape, they were protected and of course we all thought back then that they were going to be worth £1,000’s but hence – no. 😦 There was always some TY babies that I really didn’t want and the ones that everyone wanted were never available. Even the ones that were available in the Happy Meals people were buying for £1 in order to grab them whilst they can. Wonder whether you can still buy the toys only.

90’s Pop Music

Ah the decade of the dance routines! I still remember so many of them and it is hard to not dance to them when you hear them come on the radio. Actually me and my friend did performances in our living room to our favourite dance routines from the 90’s regularly. Who could forget 5,6,7,8 – tragedy, deeper shade of blue (dammit I am dancing now), or how about the amazing Spice Girls. They were brilliant, full on girl power and they brought so much strength to girls at the time, each girl had their favourite or who they wanted to be – I was always Ginger. Who could forget how funny Victoria Adams (yes Adams) was at the time, especially in Spice Girls the Movie – hello classic. Why not talk about the boys, A1 and 5ive – hmm seems to be a theme running here. They brought out not only the pop ballads, but also the tunes that you can dance to all night long. You had 5ive being the naughty boys whilst A1 and Westlife being the good boys. Or how about a mixture, if that’s the case and you love a bit of cheese mixed with girls and boys Steps and SCLUB7 were your heroes. I went to a Steps concert previously and I literally felt like I had a work out session, not only that the local panto had H and I am not kidding here, I was (it felt like it) the only one in the room dancing to all the Steps songs that they put in the show. But the big question, were you a Britney or a Christina fan more? To be fair, I was Britney in the 90’s but since then a Christina. Go and take a look down memory lane and listen to some of your old favourites, I promise you, you will end up with a smile on your face.

90’s TV

In the dark dark house, there was a dark dark room and in the dark dark room there was a ………. television that was being slowly introduced to cable television!! The end of the 90’s saw the introduction to cable tv, which meant that us 90’s kids (if we were lucky) could see other shows that weren’t just on CBBC and CITV. Of course the images above are just a selection of the shows that I watched. But it’s just made to think that 15+ years ago, we were so used to watching just the two channels and it was a treat to watch these new iconic shows.

Other great toys

   Again I have picked a random selection of the bright and colourful toys that we had in the 90’s. Whether you were a troll fan, sylvanian family, or how about a sky dancer. Does anyone remember the smell of the cupcake dolls, or how scary the furby was when it suddenly came to life in the darkness LOL! The simplicity of a colour slinky, or the magical mystery of the cherry eating baby? Look at the amazing technology that we had, so simple but so easy to not become engrossed in it. We could take these toys and play with them outside, yes outside!!! I dont think ive seen children playing outside in years, what happened to getting in when the sun goes down or when you hear your mum shouting out DINNERS READY!!!!

So there you have it my trip down memory lane, have I left anything out?

Now go pick up a goosebumps book, listen to and dance to the spice girls, whilst wearing your jelly shoes and don’t forget if you find a 50p coin, rub the Queen’s Nose.


Ps sorry for 90’s boys.

25 thoughts on “90’s girl memories

  1. I was born in 1989 as well and this brings back tons of memories. One time my younger brother used one of my favorite Pokemon cards in a horrible trade and I almost cried (okay fine, I probably cried for days) and I killed so many Tamagotchis as a kid. I don’t remember everything here but maybe that’s because I was a boy in the U.S., or maybe I was too busy obsessing over Pokemon, or ignoring my Tamagotchi. Did y’all have GUTS? I may have just said “y’all” to emphasize my American-ness.


    1. haha thanks for the reply, I guess it is different being one a girl and two in the UK. I dont know of the photo that you put up so that’s definitely a US thing.

      good day old chap *haha to hint at my Britishness*


      1. This is amazing I had every song thing almost on this page!! I rember those dolls and you flipped there skirts up and they smelt like strawberries!! Amazing


  2. gooey aliens ( brothers told u if u put their backs together they have babies!)
    sherbet sticks
    headbands with ur name on
    smelly gel pens
    anything with fur on the collar/cuff!!!
    chinese skipping ropes (elastics)
    yoyos the lit up
    baby roll over
    …just a few ha x


  3. getting as many hair scrunchies in your hair as possible….why oh why oh why…….. hopefully that will never come back in

    YOU FORGET SHELLSUITS and the despite the fact we were all highly flammable, tehy seemed to be the attire of choice on bonfire night

    P.s. I think I count as a 90’s kid, I was born in ’82, missed the pokemon craze though, that was my bros thing, I love(d) the cartoon though and actually have pokemon …..yellow I think and possibly blue, which I am ashamed to say I have never actually played


  4. Oh my gosh?!

    The majority of those pics brought a back fond memories! I was born in 93 but still remember goosebumps, polly pocket, Pokemon, johnny bravo and more!!

    2 words – TAMMY. GIRL.

    I once got really mad at my older sister and pulled the buttons out of her tamigochi – she was heartbroken! Had to listen helplessly to it mewling for food for days! (I was a horrible child!!)

    Did you ever watch Are You Afraid of The Dark? Or Saved By The Bell – oh my gosh – or Sabrina the Teenage Witch? They don’t have shows like that anymore!! So sad.

    Great blog x


  5. Popple teddies! me and my sisters had one each they had brushes and mirrors for hands and feet.
    Cupcake dolls which flipped inside out
    crocheted dresses which looked like big doilies !


    1. Being from Newcastle, I could not go on holiday anywhere as a child without people singing to me ‘Byker, Byker, Byker Grove’ ….Byker really isnt that nice of a place!


  6. I am from The UK too and was born in 1984. I loved my Dream Phone Game and Party Mania and using loads of them little butterfly clips in your hair. Thinking we looked great with Bright Blue glittery Eyeshadow as The Girls from Steps and The Spice Girls all did this. We all got up Early on Saturdays so we could watch Live and Kicking in the hopes our favourite pop stars would be on. Or it would be Sm:TV Live then CD: Uk and we had the chart show on tv. I used to love the point horror books we could buy from the book shop in tow and point romance and Sweet Valley High in the books then as a tv show, along with Sister Sister, Alex Mac, USA High, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, California Dreams, Sweat with Heath Ledger and Martin Henderson, Saved By The Bell, Saved By The Bell the new class and the college years, City Guys , Hang Time, Moesha and so many more. Staying up late to watch Singled out. I had lots of Barbies and i remember circle pictures in the Argos and Index Cataloges of the newest ones i wanted for Christmas. And going to superdrug and trying all the impulse body sprays as we never had enough and flavoured lipgloss and brown lipsticks what were we thinking and Shell suits everyone in Bolton seemed to own one thank god that trend died. What i wouldn’t give for things to be like that now we had a proper childhood now kids just all want to grow up way too fast x

    Liked by 1 person

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