The weather… I am so fed up of it.

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I am so bored of this weather now really, about half hour ago we just had the strangest weather it was absolutely beautiful outside then suddenly the sky turned black I turned around to look outside and I saw; hail, sleet, and bouts of thunder. This lasted 10 minutes.

I do not understand the weather at all, I feel absolutely heartbroken for all those who are affected by the floods in the Southern areas of the UK and now around the Thames. I am not going to talk much about politics on here because basically I think the Government are hardly helping at all, they are more concerned about their egos, how they look in their posh houses and giving money abroad.

The houses are falling apart, whether it is from the floods and people are either having to leave all their homes, to live up stairs or to stay in them because there is no where to get out is bad enough. Now a mixed weather with the wind, its ridiculous! The wind last night around my house, I heard loads of banging outside, the bins had flown across the road, trees are coming down along with power lines. People are dying from objects falling on them. The UK are not used to this!!

The media is trying to help, but as one resident said that they were only getting help when a politician or media went along with cameras. Imagine all of those villages and towns which have not been visited by the media, how much of a ruin they are in. Personal possessions are lost, damaged, gone forever. Materialistic things of course you can buy again, but its those personal touches. Mr Eric Pickles came on the One Show the other day and got ripped by another visitor for helping out individuals but not generalised public. Its ridiculous how our government work, I wish they would step into the shoes of the general public for ones and not sit in their grand houses!!

Potholes are getting bigger, sink holes are appearing – who would have thought this time a month ago the UK would have known of sink holes and now we have had 3 in the past few weeks!!

I work in a department that takes calls from the public about potholes, floods, trees etc, and I cannot even begin to tell you how many calls I get a day. I do feel extremely sorry for these people that are calling in. Most of the time they are looking for someone to blame and yet again I cannot tell you how much abuse I get on the phone! It actually is making me feel so sick of now going into work with all the horrible words that you hear at the end of the line.

I know people are emotional about this service, I wish I could tell them that I am so proud of the workers going out there – they are working non stop all the time. Even the out of hours guys/girls who look after particular districts, they are working 24/7 and they are getting so much abuse. We are all human!! They have employed more staff, but on the other hand the public may turn around and say we’re wasting more of their money. I am on definitely the fence with this.

But I just wish, the public thinks when they do ring in to complain about a pothole, tree, drains, floods etc that I am a human at the other end of the line. Do not have a go at me as I am a message taker, I am there to put their point of view across. As soon as you say to me “I am not having a go at you”, it really does take a lot of stress and unease off me personally and I am sure others.

I really hope that the weather chills the fuck down and mother nature stops having her paddy, its just ridiculous.

And if I hear in the Summer time that someone complains its “too hot” think about the last 4 months.

ps, please remember this is my view and no one elses!


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