2012 – The year to be proud to be a Brit

Olympic-Rings_2291063b Diamond Jubilee - Buckingham Palace Concert

2012, what an amazing year to be a Brit. I have never seen so many British flags that year flying in the wind in the streets all around the country. It started with one amazing welcome with what I believe to be the best New Year Fireworks display, the way in which it was timed to music, the use of British music and the sense, the feeling of proud was just overwhelming. I have watched it since and compared 2013 and 2014 and it is definitely one of the best.

I am not going to do a timeline, I will just be going through my favourite moments of the year and of course linking some youtube videos etc – so if you are interested or want some memories, let’s begin……….

Skyfall, I personally had not watched any of the Daniel Craig movies as my favourite James Bond was Pierce Brosnan, but my god Skyfall changed my opinion completely. It was action packed, funny, humorous, romantic, historic and beautiful. Daniel Craig had completely changed my expectation of him and now I have to say he is my favourite bond and that is just from one film.

One of the reasons as to why I also loved that film was due to the beautifully incredible Adele, she deserved ALL the awards she got, all of the recognition, the fame and fortune.

Other music greats which happened in 2012 were the bringing back of the 90’s and early 00’s music, Spice Girls, B*Witched, 5ive, Atomic Kitten and Honeyz. When music was not corrupted by rap, sexual (okay 2 Become 1 is bit ooerr, but they’re teaching you about sex) and people wanting attention on twitter all the time.

The largest music event of 2012 was The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the bunting of British flags were everywhere, the TV was full of documentaries, street parties, alcohol galore, pubs closing later and it was just a great party atmosphere. The weather was brilliant, sunny, warm and not a cloud in site – was beautiful for a British day. The concert was full of the biggest British stars from now in the past and of course some added extras from American Stars. Again it just made you proud. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in London was a great site to see, the poor Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were freezing, they did well for 80+ year old, again amazing to see everyone aligning the streets.

In Sport, Andy Murray ended Britain’s 76’s year wait for a male Grand Slam singles for the US Open. This night was amazing for me and my brother, it was 3am in the morning and the parents were up in bed. I will remember this evening for a long time, when he won we cheered silently whilst jumping up and down trying to make no noise at all. It was not only absolutely hilarious but memorable.

Finally talking of sport, how can I do this blog and not talk about London Olympics 2012. It caught on like a drug, I could not stop watching it and I have not been engrossed in something so much in a long time. Okay Okay, most of the population were really negative about the Olympics when they were coming to London we really didn’t think it was going to be THAT great. But oh wow, the opening ceremony – from all of the artists, the Queen and James Bond to the amazing artist impressions of the history of Britain. Pride pride and more pride. The volunteers were just brilliant.

I have never shouted so much at the tv screens before, willing people to run faster, row harder and just push for their lives. The adrenaline when they won was just the best and the fact that we could hear the British national anthem at the end, I couldn’t even imagine how the sportsmen and women felt in their home crowd. The Super Saturday I was away at my friends and there was a lot of jumping on seats and cheering!! The closing ceremony was magical, my favourite performance and it still gets me today was Take That – Rule the World. the way that Gary Barlow’s voice cracks and the emotion was just so raw from his baby girl dying a few days earlier. It still makes me cry. The weather that evening was a typical summers day and was pure beautiful.

The Paralympics opened my eyes completely and I believe many others as well. I have and had exactly the same feelings as above, I was so struck by what Paralympians could do and it was incredible. When the month was over, the feeling of “what the f*ck can we do now” came over the whole country and it was back to working life.

I miss the emotions of 2012, the excitement and the thrill. I hope I can have these feelings again.


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