Trying to eat healthy.

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Eurgh I am definitely the heaviest I have ever been and with Greece holiday coming up in July this stomach needs to go!! QUICK!! I am finding it very hard so tips and tricks would be amazing, I cant do anything strenuous as my neck and nerves are messed up – which means that I wouldnt be able to move my left side (wonderful I know!!)

So I am trying to do more walking, getting into walking faster haha – lots more water, I am trying more smoothies in which my favourites definitely have to be:


God these are amazing, I have only tried the green one and the berry one so far as they are not as big in the UK at the moment and I have the mango one in the fridge in which I cannot wait to try. I am also trying not to eat after 9pm and inbetween meals which is becoming hard especially as I am a wonderful comfort eater.

I will get the home exercise DVDs out soon and last time I really enjoyed doing them, so I am hoping that I will have the same enthusiasm.

I am definitely not looking to be like a size 10 as I don’t think I have ever been a size 10 lol but I would like to be a size 14 again I felt amazing that size, currently I am size 18-20. More an 18 but I like to wear baggy clothing.

Eurgh, damn you media – but also damn you mind for eating.

Any tips would be seriously appreciated.


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