What’s in my bag?..


So here is my bag, my beautiful bag in which I got from a local market!! YES a local market and I love it. It has big straps which is great for my damaged shoulder as I can’t now carry around girly bags which really upsets me as I am a bag lady, not a shoe lady a bag lady. To be honest, if I could walk around in bare feet all day I would. Let’s see what is inside it shall we:


This is my purse, shows Mulberry………. *its not* Parents got it in Turkey – this is the ONLY “designer” type thing that I own I think and to be honest I only use it because it was a nice gift. I change my purses as much as I change handbags lol and that’s a lot but luckily for parents I have kept this one for some time.


Now to be honest with you I don’t often use make up in the day at work, as I often have the rule of 5 minutes sleep – no make up – its fine. So my make up that I bring with me is a cheap mascara – NYC Big Curl Mascara, I dont even know what the pink stick is as I got bored rubbing off the gold lettering, carmex of course is the best, a mirror from poundland, natural collection Raspberry Ripple and finally my favourite lipstick at the moment – ELF – moisturising lipstick in Wink Pink.


I seriously did not realise how much I had in my bag…. so I have Gaviscon as I often get heartburn/indigestion which is beautiful. Paraceatamol is of course an essential, Buscopan IBS relief because I need that sometimes and finally…haha.. er imodium – damn you stomach.


I bought this beautiful diary from Paperchase because my friends were so bored of me forgetting what shifts I was on in order to arrange a date to see them, let’s just say I have filled in one week and that is it. I am awful!! The pen is brought back from my parents recent holiday to Malta 🙂


So here I have £2 winnings WOHOOO!!! This is my just in case I need chocolate or lunch money and here is my swipe card to get into work.


Make sure that you always keep your hands lovely and that is why I have Soap and Glory – Hand Food which smells amazing and hand sanitizer in cucumber – YUM.


These are my favourite scents, unfortunately the two on the left I am going to have to change as it has all run out. The Dove deodrant is in “Beauty Finish” and the Impulse – “Be Surprised” and finally the best and most wonderful Lady Million. ❤


I can’t begin to tell you how I am confused by this spoon – this is NOT my spoon, the fork yes but not the spoon. Chewing gum is essential for mornings lol and the packet is full of nail files.


My Ipod is my life on the bus, unfortunately I am a bus wanker and therefore this is needed. I will definitely be doing a blog soon about what I hear on my bus because let’s just say that the last few conversations have been – 1. I hate my mum 2. I am going to kill my brother 3. I cant wait to see my Dad in prison 4. if anyone stares at me on this bus I will punch them 5. god I need food im so hungry or I need alcohol – this was all from a 16 year old.


Finally the love of my life – my Samsung Galaxy S3. I have it is nearly 2 years now, I have dropped it no end, it has been down my bra on Journey to Atlantis and never broke and it’s just the best. My upgrade is in a few months and I am going to miss it.

So there you have it, some different things. lol

What do you have in your bag, anything similar?


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