My Fake Future Wedding Ideas

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I am going to do the weird girl post of what I wish for my wedding in the future, I am a single girl and of course as a single girl in your mid 20’s you see lots of your friends becoming engaged or in long term relationships and you’re sat there as I am now watching Bridget Jones thinking …….. bugger. I therefore thought I would put together a group of photographs as to what my ideal wedding  would be (in my head!).

The dress: 

As someone who is a size 18 you really do not want a dress to make you look even “bigger” than you do in a daily life, you want to feel beautiful and just desirable, you want to feel special. I have looked at lots of different designs (yes I am that sad!) and I have come up with my top six , I am not going to write about them or tell you as to why I love them – I would just like you to have a look:

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The Shoes:

I am if you have not read previous blogs a lover of shoes, I would prefer if we would all walk around bare footed or in socks but then again I wouldn’t want my feet going in any needles or lots of rocks haha. But shoes are essential for the wedding, I have the idea of course from other brides that heels are not a thing to wear, great to look at but that’s about it, you need to dance the night away a lot of time on your heels and if you aren’t drunk there is going to be pain.

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The Bridesmaids:

I haven’t thought how many bridesmaids I would have or even would I would chose for that matter – I also know that through my friends most of the time they hate the dress so I would like something that they are comfortable to be in, but in order to work with the theme the bridesmaids would need to carry this colour and this is what I think:

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The Groom:

The Groom can do as he wishes, as long as he is smart and he has a tie or a silk tie which is the same colour as the theme of the wedding. There is too much emphasis on it being the brides decision but the groom is there as well, if he is not there there is no wedding.

So here is some pictures of some gorgeous groom suits that I just think oooh hello 😉 :

PS  a man in a suit is just the best look!!

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Trinkets and the look:

Each wedding is unique to that couple, so as I do not know who the mystery man is yet and what the similarities we have together – these are all mine mwahaha.

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Hope that you enjoyed this, I did and now I feel rubbish as I am single 😦 boooooohoooo



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