My look of the day…

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Alright lovers, I thought for once I would do a look what I look like post today… I am currently off on sick leave hence why there are loads of posts at the moment and I will be off next week. So I did all my make up and bent down to get the top which I am about to show you and my back went into spasm….. so I am standing there in pain in just my trousers…….. literally lol wanting to cry. Finally sat down and here are the photos I took, yep you clearly wanted to know about me half naked in pain LOL. I am sorry for the quality of the photos, I am upgrading my phone in 2 months time!!


So this is me today and my ultimate favourite top, its a green minty pastel colour with a lovely floral design from the company called Papaya, it’s a few years old now and for the love of me I cannot remember whether this brand is from Matalan, Peacocks and Primark, but I believe it is Matalan. I love the look and it is kinda a crop top it comes just past the waist which is great and is lovely and fitted. The back is plain mint with no floral design.

PicMonkey Collage3

Again I am sorry for the rubbish lighting and photographs, I am a size 18-20 so hence why I am not your usual size 8-14…. currently the black bottoms that I am wearing are extremely baggy PJ bottoms from Primark and they are so comfy. As I am unable to leave the house at the moment they are perfect for me.


Here is my eye make up, this is a standard look for me………. mascara by Maybelline Colussal Cats Eyes, Look Liquid Eyeliner and the eyeshadow the natural palette by W7, finally the new MUA LUXE eyebrow pencil in mid brown which I love!

PicMonkey CollagelipsHaha I thought I would go for 3 different looks for the new lipstick that I have bought, the Matte Lipstick MUA – Red Siren. Its easy to apply, very creamy and finally a cheap lipstick that is actually MATTE!!!!! I love it, I do like still the shade of the Kate Moss 107 matt BUT this is a close contender now.

So there you go …….. what do you think?


6 thoughts on “My look of the day…

      1. I have finally posted about the Liebster award nomination!! Thanks again! It took me long enough. I found this place called Modcloth online they seem like they have awesome plus size clothes, but I am always hesitant to order anything without trying it on first.


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