Celebrating my Nan’s 80th!


My amazing Nan was 80 back in January (we actually share the same birthday which is mega cute when we sing down the phone together – happy birthday). My Grandad passed away 7 years ago this year and she lives 2 hours away and we wanted to make it an occasion and so therefore we took her to a posh do around where we live.

Here are just some of the photos that I took, haven’t included any personal ones – but you will be able to tell what an amazing day we had. We had English Tea, scones, cakes and sandwiches 🙂 She enjoyed herself greatly and she deserves every bit of it!!

20140419_153455 - Copy






PS WE do have a big cake to have, but after all the cakes as you saw above we couldn’t eat anymore!! So saving that for our Easter meal 🙂

Please look after your grandparents, they’re special, unique and they looked after you when you were little and of course they gave you your mum and dad. Here is my other blog on Grandparents <<<<<< 


3 thoughts on “Celebrating my Nan’s 80th!

  1. This post is so amazing! A lot of people don’t appreciate their grandparents until it’s too late. I’ve been without one for the past 10 years and id do anything to see them again. Love this post – thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling


  2. Beautiful pictures! It looks like in a romantic movie! And I love how you decorated the plate, really sweet! I’m sure your grandmother loved it! =) visit my blog some time salzburgstyle.wordpress.com


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