MUA Haul 28-04-2014

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Do you know what makes me happy………. MAKE UP THAT COMES IN THE POST!!!! yep it’s that time again where I have been on a make up haul and this time it is the lovely MUA. Last time I had a haul from them I had a disappointing discovery that my BB cream had split in the packaging, so I was very worried about what I may discover this time. But I was pleasantly pleased 🙂 yay! go them. Let’s see what I bought 🙂



I highly apologise for the lighting of this photo for a start, I have no idea what’s happened and I cannot wait until the morning to take another (I may edit it though tomorrow hmm we shall see!!) Anyway! I have loads of brushes and I thought I would give this one a go, its a really smooth, silky brush with a type 2 layering. Each of the layers has a different texture to it and allows for different coverage – I have an E.L.F large stipple brush very much like this and this particular brush appears to be a lot softer so we shall see in the up and coming days as to how it applies. So far so good, packaging was really good, classified as a “Foundation Blending Brush”. Lovely Jubbly

20140427_233848I was a bit dubious about this buy, as I use a primer that I have already by Look Beauty in which I love and it is a much bigger tube!! This one though has a tinted moisturiser attached to it, its really smooth to apply to your face – you can hardly tell it is there and it does what it says on the tube, it is a matte finish. For someone with oily skin such as my face, I hope that it really does the trick because this will be my absolute favourite soon if it does. It was around the £4 mark so it really isn’t that bad at all for price, especially if you just want to try it out – hey look think its 2 and a bit magazines or 4 x £1 scratch cards in which you may with £1 back!!

PicMonkey CollageDFDFNext is my absolute new favourite product at the moment, the MUA Powerbrow shape and highlight – I have it in mid brown and I just adore it. I have spoken about this before and I actually bought two of them this time! Hey it’s gotta be the case if you like something buy it in bulk before 1 – its out of stock or its never in stock again!! 😦 It really fills your eyebrows and is a pencil/crayon tip on one end with the other end a shimmering highlighter to apply under the arches:

PicMonkey CollageAHere they are in a bit more detail, they come in 3 shades and I have gone for the mid colour. Although I do have slightly dark eyebrows and I am blonde, I do not want to have sharpie eyebrows and I feel that this just helps them along the way. I always feel so confident when I have my eyebrows done and I actually got complimented on them the other day (weird!)

PicMonkey CollageDSNext was a trio of nail varnishes, if you read  my blog regularly I have far too many nail varnishes and I seem to be addicted. God knows how much my collection is, anyway I went for 3 different shades from left to right (Pistachio Ice Cream, Coral and Leapfrog). As usual they are so easy to apply, the brush is a lovely width although I do wish that sometimes nail varnishes come with a smaller extra brush to get those difficult corners.


Here I have applied the Pistachio Ice Cream and the Leap frog, the glitter nail varnish is my fall to glitter nail varnish and is a Barry M design. I absolutely love having a glitter love/ring finger and it just really defines my mood. The only downside about glitter nail varnish is definitely taking it off – I am pleading if anyone has any great ways to get glitter nail varnish off, please leave a comment or tweet me – @loveyouandthem – thank you!! 

PicMonkey CollageEI fell in love with this pallet basically because of its exterior look – bad me *slaps wrist!!*. Its beautiful though isnt it, so gorgeous to go away or to take in your clutch bag and the shades are just beautiful. The palette itself is called “Pretty Edgy” and that is definitely the case, the colours of the eye shadows range from names such as antique to envy to sinful – so you can imagine how they will come out on your beautiful eyes – remember ladies flutter those eyes for the men/ladies. The bottom four have a matte finish to them whilst the top have a shimmery tint to them, of course as usual I don’t like the brush it comes along with but I may give it a go!

PicMonkey CollageetFinally another lipstick!! God I am getting awful, this is MUA Lipstick in shade 03 – it has a really pinky crimson tint to it. It’s quite thick when it goes on and has a high shimmer to it, which I am not too sure about at the moment. So far its not gone on any teeth which is always a brilliant sign. Its lovely and creamy and more easy to use when applied with a lip brush rather than just putting it on straight away. I dont think I would buy this shade again, but I am exploring and I would either prefer to go darker or lighter, this is too in your face.

I hope you had a brilliant weekend, have a lovely day at work tomorrow or school or uni………. its 01:50 here and I am sat here with wet hair and I can’t be arsed to get the hair dryer out, so therefore the hair is going to be insane tomorrow. The face better be good as im up in hmm 6 hours….. aaaargh!!

please if anyone has the help on the glitter nail varnish, leave a comment or tweet me @loveyouandthem (follow me as well and send me your links of course, I will RT them and follow you)


5 thoughts on “MUA Haul 28-04-2014

  1. I love that MUA palette – it’s so pretty and the colors are so nice. OPI makes a Base Coat called Glitter Off – your nail polish literally just peels off. Down side? It can chip much easier.


    1. oh really I will look into that, I have just been told about the foil technique so I will try that first then look into that definitely!! xx thank you for reading my blog by the way, I will look into yours xxx


  2. I love this post! I did a review on Taylor Swift’s wonderstruck perfume and did a post about ‘comparing yourself to others’ It would mean alot if you could check it out and maybe follow me. You have areally lovely blogkeep up the good work! XXX hatice


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