Remember to treat yourself.

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Every now and again I really believe that you should treat yourself, unfortunately for me the shops are right next to my work and I have to walk past them to get home, my poor purse. Today I thought I would buy something completely different, I never wear any jewellery and I really loved the necklace that I bought a few days ago (I did blog about), unfortunately as I sat down on the bus it decided to end up in my lap……… thanks Primark.

So therefore I decided to go back again to Primark and buy more (I wonder how long it’ll take for these to break). I thought I would show you what I have bought. I love the colours and designs and they’re all £3, talk about a bargain!! PS I heard Primark is going to America haha welcome to our world.


PicMonkey CollageoooooooHow beautiful are the colours of this design, the cute little daisy/rose flowers on the necklace. Beautiful pastels and they are really delicate. The gold chain has a stretch like material and around the flowers it is more stiff so therefore it stays in that particular design shape. For so many years I have loved the colour silver and avoided gold jewellery as  I always thought it looked cheap looking, realised that I have just bought 3 new gold necklaces lol.

PicMonkey Collagepoo


This is the black version of the necklace I bought the other day —- here’s what that looked like —- well its kinda similar with the triangle design, but to be honest I just wanted to show off another post and the beautiful necklace. This is quite a medium sized chain and I hope that it lasts longer than the previous one. It has a black and silvered triangles attached to the chain – the silver triangles range in size and position lol! It’s quite a sturdy design although, lets not going running (as if that’s gonna happen BOOB ATTACK!!) – the triangles do lift up and turn around so its a case of keeping an eye on them.

PicMonkey CollageszHaha clearly I have an awful memory as I said that I bought all gold jewellery, it’s more a silvery look. It is completely different to anything I have bought before and the colours are pretty bold. It looks like they are full of rings and studs and I love that idea. The colours range from turquoise, aqua, cobalt and silver which is a lovely combination! I think that this will be beautiful either against a black or white dress.


I also bought £80’s worth of dresses from Select. Newlook, Select and Primark are my 3 favourite stores as they offer a wide variety of clothes especially for someone who is my size a lovely size 18 (!) lol. Here’s the dresses that I bought, I really hope that they are okay as I ordered them online: These are all from Select. 


 Crochet Collar Jersey Tea Dress

There are a number of things that I like about this dress:

– the colours are beautiful and spring like.

– the lovely peter pan collar is absolutely lovely and will be great with a long chain

– its nice and floaty

– it was £14





Black Daisy Jersey Collar Shift Dress 

Argh this is so so so cute!!! It comes in bright fuschia/pink as well and I just love the black design

– the collar is just lovely and it opens up your neck

– the flowery design is not too in your face

– great length

– £12 bargain

dress3 Mono Heart Print Tunic Dress

This comes in the reverse as well, ie – blue dress with black hearts. I am not sure on this one in particular but we shall see how it is:

– the hearts are nice and big

– it seems bagging which I quite like

– I do like a black dress

– cost £10



Multi Floral Shirt Tea Dress 

I think this is absolutely cute as hell, its completely different to anything that I have:

– it’s really cute

– love the floral design

– the shaping looks adorable

– loving the sleeves

– £14.99


 Daisy Print Chiffon Tea Dress

 I love the colours of this dress, I do often go for non bright prints and I think that this is ideal. I have got something quite similar to this and it’s a great style:

– it nips in at the waist

– lovely and floaty

– brilliant colours for all seasons

– £14


Floral Lattice Back Skater Drace 

I do like the colours on this dress, but I think that this looks the cheapest of them all. It will definitely be one for me to look at when it does arrive.

– It does come in a pinkish shade too

– busy pattern which I am not used to

– £12


 Nude Lace Cape Top

I thought I would purchase something different a top, I don’t have a lot of trousers so these will be with leggings and a white or black top underneath. It is a really floaty design:

– I hope that it isnt too cheap looking

– gorgeous colour especially for a blonde like me

– £8.99


Mono Spot Box Fit Crop Top 

This is so not me at all this top, I am aiming to buy things that I have never worn before and I am really hoping that I love it! It will make people look at me differently hopefully which I hope:

– Love the colours

– Love the print

– Love the different ways in which I could wear this top

– £4.00 ON SALE!!!!!

I hope that you have enjoyed my little haul today…. remember treat yourself, don’t care what people think you look like and be you.


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