The Fairytale Tag Post

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So I came across this lovely little tag on and I thought it was a really cute idea and therefore I thought I would give it a go 🙂

I absolutely love Disney and if you haven’t seen Frozen yet….. why haven’t you? You mad fool.


Snow White – Do you consider yourself beautiful?

I consider myself … me. I think everyone is beautiful to be honest with you, I know as cheesy as it sounds but we’re all different. You could have the most beautiful face in the world but with the worst personality and attitude, then again it could be completely opposite. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

Sleeping Beauty – How many hours do you sleep at night?

I lately have been getting 3 hours sleep…… yes 3. But on the weekend it’s about 10 hours haha!

Cinderella – Do you have a curfew?

I am 25, so no. As long as I say where I am if I am going to be like home at 5am ish then it’s okay

Rapunzel – Do you love being outside?

I love it when its sunny and I love sitting up and looking up at the stars at night, especially when its quite warm. But I do love a night in as well.

Red Riding Hood – Do you trust strangers easily?

I try and not to judge people, but as soon as something they do I don’t approve of then not so sure. I am a pretty good judge of character.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids – Are you easily fooled?

First of all, what is this story – the world and the seven young kids, definitely going to have to do a google search…. and I can be depending on the situation, who I am with and whether I am feeling vulnerable.

Beauty and the Beast – What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?

Being genuine, kind and trustworthy.

The Little Mermaid – What would you sacrifice for love?

Nothing. They should love you for everything you are.

The Frog Prince – What do you find disgusting?

Anything to do with abuse, mental, physical, sexual – just disgusting.

Jack and the Beanstalk – Do you have any plants?

haha, I can’t do plants. Plastic plants yes.

Puss in Boots – Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?

I would love a little dog maybe a cocker spaniel or a cockapoodle lol or a labrador

Bluebeard – What is your weak point?

1. being too kind……… 2. when something annoys me I say my opinion

Pinocchio – What is your biggest wish?

to find someone really at the moment.

Peter Pan – What is your mental age?

Probably about 15/16 lol so 10 years below what I am

The Star Money – What is your most valuable possession?

My Nans wedding ring ❤

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary – Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?

It depends what I am working on, if it something that I enjoy doing its definitely hard work, if I have no interest in it im lazy.

The Snow Queen – Who is your best friend?

I have 5 best friends. 3 where I live, 1 in Leeds and 1 in Brighton.

The Princess and the Pea – Are you sensitive?

Oh absolutely, really. It’s not good.

Godfather Death – What qualities make a good parent?

patience, understanding, trust and humour.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses / The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes – Do you like parties?

Every now and again, I wish there were more parties 😦 But I do turn into a mother making sure everyone is okay – damn traits.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Do you care a lot about your clothing?

I do and I don’t. If I was a size 12/14, I would have so much clothes and would love styling myself.

The Brave Little Tailor – Do you consider yourself brave? 

Depends on how I feel about the situation, if I feel really strong about it.

So that’s that……….. different blog lol.


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