I Love Gogglebox



As a Brit we are known for watching a lot of telly and now we have a new show (well in its 3rd series now haha), but its in my opinion the best new hyped programme & its called Gogglebox.

Gogglebox is a TV show where we watch various families watching TV whilst we’re watching them on TV. When you try to describe it to someone it sounds absolutely ridiculous and delusional but its heart warming, hilarious and memorable. We learn to love the characters in which we see every week, we see them grow, change and learn all of their little traits. Each week this programme is trending on Twitter and its viewing count increasing every week. If you have never seen anything about this, here’s a little snippet that I have found *click on the image* 🙂


So as I said there are a number of different families from all over the UK (mainly England) and they all sit around, eating, drinking, burping, farting, swearing – literally just doing what you would be doing whilst you are watching telly. Here are the families:


Sandy and Sandra

These two are absolutely insane, they don’t take life too seriously, they’re loud, in your face but very kind hearted at the same time. They’re best of friends. You often find them having takeaways, eating loads of food, being scared of a mouse haha and finally the infamous Pot Noodle soup, where instead of using a fork she drinks the pot noodle eew!! They are one of the viewers favourites and there has been rumours that they may have their own separate show. I would love to spend the evening with them as you would have the best time!


Stephanie and Dominic Taylor (aka the posh drunk couple)

Personally these are my absolute favourites, they’re hilarious. Every scene that they are in they have a drink in their hands, often discussing what to drink and often sounding pissed too. Steph pulls the most amazing faces to whatever Dom says to her and he comes up with the best one liners. If ever in the future I have a relationship I would like one like this and one like a couple I will discuss later. They say it how it is, they are completely in love as they are often on the sofa holding hands which is mega cute and yeah I think the best.


The Tapper Family

If I could sum up this family in one sentence – loud, proud, happy Jewish family. They’re so funny because each one of them is individual, even though I have no gifs for this family its often a sound clip that you need for them. Amy and her Mum are so loud, I am not sure whether they think because they’re far away from the camera that they constantly have to shout or they’re just loud. The Dad is very laid back and so is the son and they both stick together up against the girls down the other end of the sofa. This family have strong family connection and bond and they show many values in which they believe in, it’s great to see.


June and Leon

If there was ever a relationship you wish to have like when you’re older its this one. Leon is a really mischievous character who often says rude cheeky remarks, with which ends up June rolling her eyes or telling him to shut up. He fancies pretty much any young girl on telly but always says he would rather have June, he hates everyone and anything it seems and June just takes the mickey out of him all the time. But there are times where you see such a strong bond between them, such as the photo to the left – it was a very sad episode of watching an elderly man find his wife dead in his house and that was Leon’s reaction. Absolutely adorable, brought a tear to my eye.


Chris and Stephen

I adore these two, they are hilarious, bitchy, catty and get right to the point. I LOVE Stephen he is just the best, as you can see from above the things that he comes up with are absolutely hilarious. Chris just sits there and takes it in his stride. They are both gay hairdressers who love to look good and often talk about themselves, but also comparing and competing with each other. Their expressions whilst watching programmes are always what I see myself doing and I think that’s why I love them so much. The photo on the right hand side you may have seen on Tumblr, they were watching 24 and Chris said “We all love a bad boy don’t we?” and Stephens response as you can see by his face “yeah not a fucking terrorist Chris!” LOL amazing one liner.


The Michaels Family

This family are so unique, you look at the photos and believe that the Dad has such a strict attitude (in which he does sometimes) but its the kids that rule the roost in this house. Their films are often showing the teenagers/young adults playing up and proving to their parents that they are in fact right, out of touch with the modern world or not understand something which is modern. It is often left to the Mum to ask the most random questions, the responses from the rest of the family are “whaaaaaat did you say”. Again Tumblr loves Louis and his love for Doctor Who, it became a trending hit when Louis had to describe why the 50th episode of Doctor Who was so big, the frustration he showed was I am sure how many children/teenagers and adults felt at the time lol.


The Siddiqui Family

So gutted that this family have had no gifs made of them yet as they are so charismatic and charming. This is the lovely Siddiqui family, made up of a Dad and his sons. They I find are very calming to watch but they are definitely becoming more cheeky over time. My funniest moment this series was definitely when they were watching embarrassing bodies and a dick came on the telly and the son in the middle of the picture was eating a banana and the reaction was just amazing.


Linda Pete and George

This family are the ultimate coach potatoes but the loveliest coach potatoes. You will often find Linda emotional, confused and clapping and cheering people on the TV to win/sing better etc, Pete half of the time is asleep lol or comes out with witty remarks. But George is the life and sole, he’s got the funniest little squeaky voice and is often sat there eating or drinking something whilst looking at all the ladies comparing notes with his Dad,whilst his Mum is giving him tips about moving out, but he is still a mummys boy.


Bill and Josef

I personally don’t get the fascination with this couple at all, I find them boring and never amusing at all. They are quite posh, political and love to have a word on any of the news events.

They are quite reserved even with the boob painting behind them and there were better families in the past that could have stayed on instead of bringing these in……. sorry lol.


The Moffatt Family

This family are brand new to the series and bring a completely fresh approach. They are one of two families from the North of England. They’re hilarious, very family orientated and come across as completely genuine. The daughter can be a bit blonde sometimes, the mum is caring and annoys her daughter and the Dad sits there and listens to them both whilst butting in now and again – typical family in my eyes.


Reverend Kate Bottley and Graham

One of my new favourite couples, Kate says it how it is – very sweet, loving, charming and affectionate with a passion for all things nice. Her husband you can tell loves her to pieces and every scene they’re in the dog is there but its always legs open very wide and thats literally all you see of the dog haha!!

But what got to me was what Reverend Kate said about Gay Marriage, it has so many reblogs and likes on Tumblr and if you have not come across it I am sure you will do. Here it is to see it in moving form —please reblog — I promise you it’ll mean something to you.

BmGBCBLIgAANq7Q tumblr_n4nr6uQaMZ1r06m1wo1_500

Ralph, Viv, Eve and Jay

And finally last but certainly no means least is this family. Ralph and Viv are a couple and Eve is Viv’s daughter, with Jay being Eve’s boyfriend.

They are hilarious with what is said on television, Ralph sometimes misses British humour because he is German and his accent means that some words he says sounds absolutely different that it should do. Viv and Eve have such strong Liverpudlian accents its again hard to understand and finally……… Jay.

Everyone well.. most people are obsessed with Jay. His hair, his stance and the way he never ever ever speaks or hardly moves. He gives facial expressions which have been amazing. But guess what happened the other day, the internet just went mental for it – JAY SPOKE AND MOVED AND SMILED……… Here above is just one of the photos I found from people amazed that he did something. We’ve been awaiting for 2 series for him to do something and it was like some sort of miracle. I know personally when they are on, I am always looking at Jay to see if he does something – thank god for Sky Plus!!


So there’s my round up of Gogglebox – if you watch it I am sure that you know of the characters if you don’t please watch on Channel 4 every Friday 9pm or on catch up. Just give it a go if you’re not too sure, you can always use youtube.

I am really annoyed about the formatting of this blog, it keeps doing this lately with my posts arent aligning properly no matter how much I try and fix it 😦



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