Pink, Pink and more Pink – NYX Haul PLUS something else…..


If you read my previous blog >>> look here <<< you would have seen that I went to Chatham Outlet Centre and went shopping. Within the centre there is a discount store full of make up and to be honest with you, it is the ONLY shop I go into when I am there, otherwise there is no point in the place I feel.

Anyway enough rambling on, I thought I would show you as to what I had bought 🙂 this post is very pink. 




This is my outfit of the day, a beautiful Select Teadress Dress and a lovely chrimson//pink bag from Primark. It’s a great little bag, as most well pretty much all apart from my work bag are all brown. So choosing a bright coloured bag like this is very different to my taste, just like the dress. I saw it online and I would never buy this in a shop and I thought fuck it, im buying it and I surprised myself…… I have rated this here >>> lookies <<< and here >>> lookylook <<<. It is a cute little combination I thought especially for a bright spring sunny day.


I saw these and thought ……. arse I keep meaning to get these and I always always forget! They cost I believe £1.95 if I remember correctly and you get 50 sheets with them, so absolutely perfect for the price! I am hoping that I don’t lose them like all the ones I have lost as well. Damn small objects!! As I have such an oily tzone, they are perfect for my face and to control those lovely shiny moments. No one ever wants to be a reflection.


I personally have always seen the sponge applicators without the stick…… if you get what I mean. As I am so clumsy and I know that I will lose the sponge this is a great addition to my make up brush collection. I am currently using foundation brushes at the moment and I feel that I am leaving streaks along my face, so hopefully when I try this out it will be brilliant.

1If you have read a number of my blogs now you will know that I love nude shadows and my ultimate favourite eyeshadow I am nearly running out of >>> blink blink <<< and look what I found………. I found the eyeshadow!! Yay as soon as I saw it, it was in my basket. I love how nice and easy it is to apply this eyeshadow, its part creame part powder and the colours stay throughout the day as well which is a bonus!


Uh oh, I bought more new lipsticks – I don’t know why I do this to myself. This is the shade of 629 – Power and is a lilac colour. I love my MUA lipstick >>> mwah <<< although I do love the matte shades, I thought I would give this one again and was surprised by the results.


Mwah lol! Its rather purple…..I am having to be either having a brilliant feel good day about myself or this is one to take selfies in. You all do the lipstick only selfie at home poses, I know you do!! It’s a really creamy product, easy to apply and does last a bit of time, unless you’re forever drinking and eating. The lipstick itself is definitely one in which you need to make sure that you really concentrate putting it on, as it can go over your lip liner.


My next purchase was the NYX Rose Bud in shade 641, it has a shimmery/glittery effect to it. A cute pinky pastel shade and well compared to the previous one is a pinker shade of it.


This is a more of a natural shade for my skin colour, it has a lovely tint but not too over strong and powerful which is in your face compared to the previous shade! This is one to apply where you don’t have to concentrate as much as well haha. I applied this I believe about 2 or 3 times so it is definitely one that builds up during time.


So there you have my products that I have bought……. as well as this I just wanted to share with you something that happened the other day. I was tweeted by the lovely – @milkymousee who’s blog is >>> Milky Mouse <<< and as I was complaining about finding it so hard to take glitter nail varnish off, she recommended the cotton ball // tin foil method. I had originally seen this on Pinterest and thought naaaaaaah this is one of those fake product methods and it won’t work, but I thought I would give it a go. 


These were my nails before and as I use this particular nail varnish alot with the glitter – I wanted to find a way instead of scraping or soaking for so long it wouldn’t come off! I love a glittered love/ring/married finger as it snazzes up your hand a lot, but as my lovely twitter friend suggests I had to follow some steps.


First of all soak a cotton ball or cut a bit away from some cotton wool and soak it in nail varnish remover, the next step is to place it onto your shimmery finger and then wrap the tin foil around it. Leave for 5 minutes, it will drip everywhere unless I am clumsy and I couldnt get it tighter enough. After 5 minutes I was shocked with the results, truly.


Completely and utterly gone. All I had to do with take the tin foil off in one move and the nail varnish came off, no marks, no colour and no spare bits of glitter. After all those years this was just amazing. I would highly recommend this, if you have never done it. I am aware I am very slow, so you will probably know about this LOL!

Anyway, have a good night xo


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