Argh New blogger HELP!! – advice, tips and hints for you

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First of all, I am in no way saying that you should follow what I say, do what I say or take everything I say to be right. I personally have been in and out of blogging for over a year, my original blog was on blogger and I just could not get used to the lay out, I then lost interest and I didnt know what direction to go in and that was my main issue.

I am slowly starting to become less anonymous with my blog, but my main intention of this blog was to write about how I felt, what I loved and what I could not say to others.

I came across WordPress and yes I have paid for some of this and I have definitely not looked back. Myself personally I do not blog every Thursday, sometimes of course I do not post every day but its always soooooooo good to let off steam!!!

I thought whilst looking on Twitter through #bloghour that many are wanting tips, yet again I am not providing you tips to do, I am just saying some information and what I have come across myself……… so let’s get on with it.



The most important thing that you need to do is believe in yourself, believe in you. The one thing that bloggers often forget to do is to be unique, there’s often trends going about, the same posts you see again and again and no one wants to be a sheep do they! Baaaaaaa!! Make sure you understand who you want to be as a blogger, do you wish to be opinionated, do you wish to focus on fashion, poems, love, music, tv/film, make up or lifestyle or anything else for that matter. SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS WANT TO READ YOUR BLOG – never give up. 

It takes a lot of courage sometimes to put your emotions and feelings to finger and pad lol (pen and paper), and I applaud those who express their feelings on here. Whether it be for business purpose or through own personal enjoyment, you need to find something in which you do not mind writing about up to 7x a week!

The design needs to express you as a person I believe, for my own blog I love the colours, I edited this background and my title together. A fresh clean blog is easier to read than a cluttered one.

Have a blog title that summarises you, something thats quirky or straight to the point, something that is memorable and straight forward, you don’t want one that has loads of different characters in it – il<3mybl0guno4sre << lol ie that……. oh god I hope someone doesn’t have that!!

Make sure that your “about me section” is filled in as many read that and hmm sometimes do judge you on those first few sentences.

Write either professionally and use all the correct terminology or write as you chat/talk – which is how I often portray my posts.


If you can try and link your blog up with other social networking sites, myself personally I have two twitter accounts – one for this blog and another which is personal. The reason as to why many link their blogs up to other sites is to gain coverage. For example if you are a musician/video maker/make up tutorial blogger you may benefit from having a youtube link. Pinterest for all your favourite photos, facebook – some have their own “like” pages. Google + is also beneficial as it spreads your posts elsewhere to others.

Finally I believe the four most important social tools for bloggers are – Instagram, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Twitter. Instagram is there to show off your lovely photos, to have them all beautifully edited to make your photos all lovely. Tumblr is one to express your views via the form of photos and gifs and its always great if you can put a link to your blog on there too!!

Bloglovin I believe is essential. Not everyone is on the blogging platform that you use ie, wordpress users cannot follow through one button someone who has a Blogger account and vice versa. Bloglovin allows for users to follow each other on one platform and ease of reading as well! Also great for sharing. 

Twitter is where your blogger friends are. You may not ever meet them, you may not ever know their true names, their backgrounds and full details about them but they are there to support you. The Twitter Blogging Family is very important for you.

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As I said Twitter is your source, you may see from time to time certain tags that trend regarding blogs – these are great for targeting new readers, viewers and new friends.

#bbloggers – This is for beauty bloggers – so everything from the best mascara, perfume, eye shadow, make up tools and looks. Here is the place for all the tips, tricks and advice you may need to look more beautiful than you already are 😉 – Wednesday and Sundays at 8pm United Kingdom time (3pm EST) is usually the time for this type of blog, but it normally goes on afterwards as well!! 🙂 

#fbloggers – Well hello fashionable bloggers – do you want to look and feel great, what clothes suit your shape, appearance, what colours are on trend, what are people’s OOTD (outfit of the day), this is the place for you!! – the timings do change its sometimes on a Friday night, but of course tweet it anytime and people will reply

#lbloggers – life life don’t talk to me about life, actually do as this is the life blogger chat!! 🙂 these are the lovely bloggers who write about everything and anything.

#pbloggers – if you are lovely and have a little baby on the way, some bloggers are writing about their experience so have a little look

Of course I do not know EVERY single trending blogger trend thing, but at least there’s a few!


Please make sure that you bring as much positivity as possible to people’s blogs. They have taken time to write them, come up with the ideas and given their views – they might even be scared to do them. So try to be as nice as possible as we all started off at the 0 count.


If you are kindly nominated for an award, make sure that you are kind and nice and say thank you. Someone has again taken their time to nominate you for an award, they think that you have a brilliant blog- show it off!! Say thank you, recommend their blog back, as much as you want exposure I am sure they would like it back too!!


As I said these are all hints and tips I have learnt through my 5 months of solid blogging, some of it may not apply to you, some may help you and some may open your eyes. And of course, like, tweet, share, reblog and send to your friends blog posts and blogs that you like!! 

We are all in this together, but yet we are all unique. So remember to just be you.


14 thoughts on “Argh New blogger HELP!! – advice, tips and hints for you

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Though I’ve had my blog for about 9 months, I only started to grasp how to use it in Feb – thank god for Twitter! At first I was genuinely turned off and vowed to never use it…but that was because I had heard horror stories about people documenting every minute detail. But like you said it is a fab platform and you do meet so many lovely and supportive bloggers, like yourself! I haven’t quite caught the tumblr bug yet, I might have a look into it more later though:) thank you for your tips! I know I found them very useful and this post very inspiring actually 🙂 take care! X


    1. oh no worries at all. keep at it!! that’s all I will say, even if you wish to remain an “anonymous” type so you dont go into every detail of your life, it is a great way to express how you feel. Like a some what of a diary! 🙂

      thank you for the comment its really sweet of you and I am glad that you have enjoyed reading it and finding out about things. Took me a while to get the hang on things



  2. I’m relatively new to blogging and I’ve found this post so useful! I find it hard to put myself out there on things like twitter etc but I’m learning it has to be done! I’ve tried a couple of twitter chats already but they are so hard to keep up with haha! Thanks for all the tips!
    Your blog is a breath of fresh air as it’s so honest and positive!
    Emily x


    1. youre more than welcome Claire 🙂 It is just a snippet of the blogging world, I would definitely start up a twitter account for your blog if you havent already done so, as the blogging girls… and boys are all super friendly !! ❤ cat x


  3. Great advice – I love the encouraging words that someone somewhere will want to read your blog. I’m frustrated sometimes when I see how successful others are, even though I’m still a newbie. Your blog is lovely by the way. Glad I found you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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