April Favourites.

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Hello lovelies and hope that you are well. I am normally organised with what I want to post about but someone gave me a bloody awful cold and just felt absolutely awful. I have seen this post being done in another blogs and I have never got around to doing it. Can I also just let you know that my skin is bloody awful in these photos because of this wonderful cold. Keep positive 🙂



I bought this a few months after smelling it and I loved it. I normally go for the musky and fruity ones and this is just brilliant, the bottle is beautiful, delicate but yet powerful. It is a small bottle but advertised in Superdrug for £25, it went through the tell at £20 – hello LOVE a bargain!! It stays on your skin/clothes wherever you wish to put it for hours. I usually wear Paco Rabanne Lady Million and it is my signature scent but sometimes you just fancy something completely different. This is my second celebrity scent, my first was a Christina Aguilera and that was my ultimate favourites – I heard on the radio this week that some of the biggest perfumes in the UK are done by celebrities, unfortunately one of the biggest is One Direction….. no girls, no – go get some class.


These are my 5 favourite brushes which I thought I would show, the furthest left is my newest a blush brush from ELF which I use for my brusher I will show you later. Then next is another brusher blush that I use unfortunately had it for some time and the label has gone, I use it every day and gives amazing coverage. The third I have 3 of them lol they are concealer/foundation brushes from again ELF, they’re nice, cheap and cheerful and do the trick, the only downside is sometimes it does streak. Before finding my favourite new eyebrow pen I was using eyebrow shadow and the 4th brush was and still is my favourite applicator – this I bought from ebay! Finally within the same set is a lip brush, plain, simple and gets into all the right areas.


I have spoken about this product so many times and its just the best! ELF Corrective Concealer is just amazing, the colours are brilliant, the coverage does what it does and it lasts for such a long time! My skin changes all the time, the colour, how its acting (oily/dry) and its great for the price – under a £5iver!!


Every girl NEEDS dry shampoo, well every girl who is prone to oily hair. My hair can only last 1 and half days before it starts going oily and I absolutely hate it. I am not on for getting up early to go for a shower and then go to work, I have my shower last thing at night and go to bed. If I was to wash my hair in the morning it would be amazing, I know because it happens at the weekend. HAha oh dear snap out of it lazy arse!

The blonde dry shampoo, please do not apply so much unless you want to look like you have gone to the hairdressers and had highlights!! The other two are great additions and again please do not apply so much as the smell of dry shampoo is really obvious sometimes.


My favourite make up buys this month, the MUA BB cream – amazing coverage, one that finally matches my skin. Cheap!


A make up bag essential in my opinion, I have oily skin and with other make up on top there is no way in which I want to look any more shiny, so this is the best thing to buy. It’s matte coverage is silky smooth, not so powdery and it doesn’t change the colour of the skin underneath so much. I really hope that Rimmel make this product for a very long time.


Im off and on with this product actually, I use it for my scars on my neck in which I have talked about before here – if you wish to look….. I am not gonna go into this one as much. >>>> scars <<<<


I am starting to try to learn more and more make up skills and primer is an example of this. When looking at make up tutorials the creators were always using expensive versions and I was like there is no way in which I am gonna use primer. But luckily I found these two versions – MUA and Look Beauty – both brilliant. Look Beauty as you can see is a lot bigger bottle and you get more for your money, its not thick, its a creamy texture and does not dry out your skin. Finally the MUA version is a matte finish and everyone knows how I love matte.


This is the blusher that I was speaking of earlier, I have always in my lifetime of using make up always worn a powdered blusher and I bought this on a wim…….. never looked back. I only use a little bit on my brush as its slightly strong and its lovely to sculpt to your face. With the powdered blushers the powder can go over the face but with this you can direct to pronounce your cheeks and face even more!


I will never ever not love this mascara. I think I have spoken about this mascara so much now I have nothing else left to say >>> mascara love. <<<


I have previously spoken about this eye shadow pallet and I visited my local NYX store and I saw what I thought was the one below (until I got home and realised it wasn’t the same). I am sure that I will learn to love this pallet as I love my nude shadows, the colours are clean, fresh and eye openers. If you wish to read about the bottom make up shadows please look here >>>> blink blink <<<<<


The sun is shining, the weather is sweet and the hair is growing and getting lighter. I used this last back in the Autumn time and the effect it does to your hair is great. I have naturally quite flat hair with a tiny little bit of curl and this really helps, I promise you. When your hair is damp all you need to do is spray a bit of this in your hair, scrunch up in balls like you were making it big with hairspray and let it dry. It’s texturising salt spray and it really does feel when it’s all dry that you have been next to the beach all day.


My favourite make up remover, facial cleansing wipes. Superdrug………….. camomile scent……. really cooling, beautiful smell and really cheap. Great for sensitive skin.


The three lipsticks that I have been loving in April have been – (left to right) – Tanya Burr’s First Date, Barry M Shade 311 and Beauty UK in Snob. I have definitely a purple theme going on with my lips in April. I thought I would show you what they look like: I have already reviewed them previously >>>> last 2 kisses <<<< and >>>> tanya burr <<<<

So in order of the photo:

PicMonkey Collagek PicMonkey Collagep PicMonkey Collageq

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I can’t seem to cut down what I say lol so I do hope that if you are new to my blog that you like the chatty ones as I like to chat.

Is there anything I can improve on?? What do you like, what do you dislike??? Please tell me on here or tweet me @loveyouandthem


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