Nail Varnish Organising Day


Hey up!

I saw another lovely blogger do this months ago and it has taken me I think about 2-3 months to finally sit down and do it. Throughout this I realised that I am addicted to buying nailvarnishes – there I said it. It’s now out in the open. I own 105 nail polishes…. 105, arse – something scary to think about right now…. £105 x 5 (roughly the price, apart from loads from Poundland – PHEW) = £525……. it makes me happy, it makes me happy, it makes me happy. 

I thought I would show you as to what I have been up to 🙂


Here’s my nail varnish box, it used to be really really neat and it is now after all of this but I kept having to hunt for nail varnishes – put them on my finger and not be in the mood for that particular shade. Therefore when I saw the post about cleaning up your nail varnishes and labelling them, I HAD  to do it. Simply buy some sitckers, I got mine 75 sheets from Wilkinsons for £1.50 or less I cant remember.


Each shade has their own little sticker and painted on them……… By doing 150 of these, you can imagine windows HAD to be opened lol and many breaks. I can’t begin to tell you how light headed I got haha!

I also love the fact that I am so nail varnish mad that I clearly am not wearing any, have not done for the past 3/4 days……. ssh don’t tell anyone 😉

20140510_193207 20140510_193216

Here are the final nail varnishes, as you can see I have so many different shades, styles, types, matte, shiny, gel, glitter, animal themed, coloured, non coloured, neon and UV ooooooh!!


Et Voila, all my polishes 🙂

Have you ever done this, has this inspired you? It takes a few hours out of your life but it doesn’t half help you!!


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