Ive been featured !!! So happy.


So today I am looking through my phone inbetween work and I keep getting all these emails saying, your blog has succeeded so many views, your blog has succeeded this amount of shares and I am thinking what the hell is going on! I cant access my blogging account online and I couldn’t wait to get home. Log into twitter to see:


I absolutely forgot that I tweeted this and so pleased that one of my favourite shops had picked it up… its about the blog of —- pretty dresses —- and I was shocked to see that they had RT’d it!

It started to all make sense,I then logged onto my blog and came across this:


:O !!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaat over 200 views on that particular post, this is just insane. All my other posts are about 10 views max LOL and my top view of the day was around about 50. I am still in shock as you can tell. As usual when checking the stats I see as to how people have viewed my profile and I could see facebook had 25 shares………. 25 shares? I dont share this blog other than bloglovin or twitter lol, so hello Miss Piorot here decided to go and check Facebook:

3The official Select Fashion page – two of my friends like the page, so I was like aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! scary mary lol! and finally I scroll down to the first link on the page:


Here’s my blog!!! Here is my blog!! AAAAAAAH this is just surreal, I know its not maybe a big thing to you – but its a big thing to me!

Keep going girlies!! πŸ™‚


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