Things I want to do before I pop me cogs.

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Today in the UK and I am sure if you have heard through Social Networking, we lost a lovely beautiful man today. Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15 and he didn’t get down at all. In his last few weeks he gained so much coverage of his story, with his original aim of raising £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust he has now raised nearly £3.5 million!! He gained 5A*’s and 4As and 3A*s with his A Levels and an A in self taught Psychology when Doctors told him, he should take a year out of University.

Unfortunately today Stephen passed away and it is heartbreaking. I have only known of this story for the past few months and I cant imagine those who he touched lives and heart with personally. He had a bucket list that he wanted to do and nearly fulfilled it all, it was just amazing. Here’s a video of him explaining everything:

click here if you wish to donate 

Therefore it got me on to thinking, what do I want to achieve – I therefore I would put together a list of things I want to do or be:

Marketing Job – I have a degree in marketing and I would LOVE a job in something which I absolutely enjoy and not in something I dread going to every morning.

To earn over £20,000 – Most people with a degree earn this amount and unfortunately I earn a lot less than that.

Find someone to love – I have been single for a long time lol, so I would love to find someone

Opening Up – I am quite stubborn with my feelings about someone so I would need to learn to open up

Drive on the motorway – Little things, but my god this is a bloody scary thought!

Own a car – I share with my Mum and I would love to just go anywhere

Travel – I need a car to do this and no I dont mean to loads of different countries

Meet a Youtuber – I would love to meet a youtuber, not to scream in their face but just to say thank you

Have my own place – Since moving from Uni having the independence to back home, it’s so annoying to not have your own rules.

Set up a Youtube account – No one I know apart from my brother understands Youtube and the power, Id love to have the confidence to do so

Go to Glasgow – My family are from there and since my Nan passed, I just really wish to go and experience it

Size 14 – I have been a size 14 in recent years but I am a size 18 right now and I felt amazing when I was that size

Be more straight – I sometimes hold back as to how I feel about someone, but sometimes I just want to say fuck you.

Be pampered – I am not that girly, so I would love to go for a spa day, massage, tan, wax lol the lot….

Have a baby – I would love to have a baby…

Friendship – Be the best of friends with my girls for a long time

Love you – Say love you to my family every day.


This is really hard to think of things for your future so I thought I would add what I have achieved:

Grammar School – In year 5 I was told there was no point in me doing the 11+ I won’t pass………… I passed.

School Grades – I gained 13 GCSEs all A-C and 4 A Levels

University – I got a place into University and gained a 2:2

Driving – I passed 1st time with 1 minor

Friends – I have found my true friends.

Family – learning to love my family everyday

Exchanges – Par taken in 2 German exchanges by myself

I wondered whether you have anything you’re proud of……. remember live each day.






5 thoughts on “Things I want to do before I pop me cogs.

  1. Awwh. I love this. I have a degree in journalism but kinda fell into marketing. Come work with me 🙂 I also want my own place. I’d just paint the whole bloody thing purple. P.s – driving on the motorway is shit.


    1. Haha how did u get into that lol I’m finding it so hard!
      Oh God the idea of a motorway is scary as hell!! Far too many mad men on the roads. Did you ever see that house that sold which was entirely purple inside? xx Ps thanks for commenting


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