I’m phoneless!

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So over the weekend I woke up to find that my beautiful Samsung S3 had stopped working. It was completely not wanting to play at all and I just felt like I had lost my partner in crime. I have had this phone for 22 months (I say this because im 2 months from the end of my contract) – I have dropped it from heights onto hard tiled floors, its been dropped like I said so many times I cannot even tell you how many times and it has never ever broken on me. I therefore thought f*ck it, I’ll go to carphone warehouse were I was greeted by someone who didn’t really want to work there and thank god it was still under warranty. I had to say goodbye to my phone as it wouldn’t come back the same….. it’s been 2 days and my life is different – it’s really quite sad (not emotional sad!)

So therefore I will not be blogging a lot in the next few weeks because I have no real access to internet or to photos.


Carphone Warehouse did not have a duplicate phone and wasnt very happy with that. I got home and thought, okay I will look through all my old phones……. did none of them work – no.

So off to Morrisons I went to get the cheapest phone £30 – with a £10 top up voucher and a spare £1 sim and this is what I bought:




I will say this to anyone first of all never get this phone ever. I got home, it wouldn’t open up text messages – I then tried to top up using 150 and the caller person says that I am unable to top up. So I have a phone which doesn’t open up messages and it won’t allow for me to top up. I was thinking great, I am without my main phone, I now have a phone that does not work – what am I going to do!! Luckily I used to work for Morrisons for 7 years and the staff all knew me, so I went back and said this is my issue etc – they gave me a free new sim and back home again and finally I could open up texts. Next step was to top up, it will still not allowing me to do this and the only way is online. I seriously felt like I was 70 years old, how would someone with no internet access be able to top up their phone!! I was getting more and more frustrated and started to tweet TMobile (who replied a day later), finally after a lot of research on the internet and signing up to accounts I finally used my £10.

I was bloody exhausted, this all happened in 2 hours.

The reality set in then as to how much I use my phone and what I was missing……….First of all there was good and bad parts:

Social Networking

I have no twitter, no instagram, no facebook and it is pure bliss……. for about 30 minutes. It’s insane how much I am fixated on these three networks, I miss instagram because I want to take photos and post them to show people how boring my life is, I wanted to snapchat stupid videos and I really felt like I was missing out. Twitter was an essential missing point due to my blogging, I couldn’t state how I was feeling and I couldn’t write whatever I thought about – I had to wait until I had my laptop. Finally stupid things like Facebook – unable to see what other people are up to, what others are saying and who’s stalking who! Due to not hardly having anybody’s numbers Facebook Messaging was essential, I was able to tell people that I’m not ignoring you – but I may as well sent out pigeons because the delay from people was mad. LOL! Vine I missed – especially such things as Dr Harley


As I said before taking photos, the camera on this phone is rubbish. I will take something and move the camera 2 seconds later and it would take THAT image.. I can’t upload them anywhere and I have no access to send them to my laptop either. 


I sometimes have a few calls from potential jobs and I have not had the chnace to leave a voicemail to say – I am not using this phone at the moment, please email me. I can’t do that and I cannot access emails LOL!

Bus Pass

I have my Arriva bus pass on my phone and it wasn’t until a few hours later I realised I won’t be able to travel to work, so me going to another 3 more stores to buy a bus ticket an extra £18.50 later for a week’s pass. 

I feel absolutely cut off from the world and I cannot believe how much I also use my phone for everything. I have become so attached to my phone, it is another part of my life and life shouldn’t be like that. I have seen videos on Facebook of people missing out on things when they’re staring at their phone and its absolutely true. Unfortunately the biggest downside of this weekend is absolutely the fact I have forked out near £50 because my phone went down, I may as well in the end bought the rest of my contract out.

This weekend I have done things which I wouldn’t of done if I did have my phone, I have been for long drives knowing that I will not be distracted, or wanting to tell people about it. I have ticked a few boxes off my “bucket list”  and it’s been a breathe of fresh air. Apart from all the money I have spent this weekend, it’s been one of my favourite “me” weekends.

If you can – put your phone away for 1 day and see how you react and see what you do and how much you rely on your phone.


2 thoughts on “I’m phoneless!

  1. [ Smiles ] Phones don’t last forever. I am sorry to know that your phone died on you.

    Also, you have the option of purchasing a new up-to-date model!


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