Favourite Finds this weekend.

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Weekends I absolutely love because I don’t like the week haha and this weekend is 3 days and it is just absolute perfection and I am enjoying every minute. I have seen my girlfriends, I have drunk a lot of alcohol and I have been looking after numero uno! Sometimes you need that!! I have taken some photos of the weekend, nothing amazing but you never know you may like them haha!


image (20)

I saw in another blog that Garnier have introduced a new dry shampoo and as I go through a lot of the Batiste dry shampoo I thought I would give it a go. Batiste comes in a lot of different scents, colours and sizes but after testing and comparing to the Garnier, I absolutely prefer the Batiste. Although the B brand gives you a slight bit of powder touch to your hair, I cannot see any change to my hair when using the G Brand. Don’t get me wrong the smell is absolutely delightful, a Vanilla scent and its not as obvious that you are using a dry shampoo but I really cannot see any different. So the only reason I would buy this is literally for the scent.

image (21)I cannot stop eating these. If you have not tried this please go down to your local TESCO and try them. They are 78p and at 129 calories what could go wrong!! I am a lover of sweet popcorn and the idea of salty popcorn made me feel like I need water next to me all the time. But these are just heavenly, the complete mixture is brilliant. I stupidly asked my mum whether she wanted to try them and she kept saying “can I have another one”! Hmmm! They are a bigger package than a packet of crisps and its brilliant for the amount of money you pay.

image (3)

Hello TESCO Red Velvet Cupcake……… lush. Now here are some photos of my garden 🙂

image (23) image (22)image (25) image (27)

Maybe boring but here you go 🙂


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