Escapism, Music, Headphones & pure love for Sam Smith.


Not since Adele have I ever been wanting an album so much. You may have heard of the man above or you may not of and if you haven’t where have you been. This ladies and gentlemen is Sam Smith. Brit Award Winner for Critics Choice Award 2014 and an absolute deserved winner. I admit that when he won, I only knew him for his vocals on the song ‘La, La, La’ but wow he is more than that. I have not stopped listening to him for the past few days now (well more than a few days but I don’t want to come across as a weirdo!). I want to try and get more people to know about him, so if you’re interested in having more amazing music in your life please read more.His voice is soulful, meaningful and touches my heartstrings and so many emotions that I never thought I had. He makes you think about your life in so many ways, past relationships, potential future relationships and what you had and could have had. I was first introduced as I said to Sam in the song ‘La, La, La’ by Naughty Boy – listen here and enjoy.  And like many I at the stage was very confused between him and John Newman who in my eyes looks familiar and sounds slightly the same and that caused me a lot of confusion – I just thought what’s the point in having two of the same act, we had this around the time of Florence and the Machine and … I cant even remember the band now because Florence took over. 

But it took until he gained his Brit Award for him to realise, bloody hell he is amazing. Youtube was then my best friend. There are not many artists nowadays that can sing amazing live, he sounds like he is singing from the recording booth straight onto CD. Its so pure.

Sam is growing success stateside with such songs as Money on My Mind and Stay With Me you may have heard it, he was on SNL (tbh as a Brit I have no idea how big this show is, not particularly my style of humour) but here’s the performance, its just beautiful – Have a Singalong

If you have experienced many emotions with heart break, heart ache I have always gone to Adele. Adele has been my fall back and he has often been compared to her and ‘Leave Your Lover’ is an absolute classic in my eyes. The first time I heard it I actually had tears coming down, the lyrics are just absolutely beautiful, the meaning and it could be the way I have adapted it to my own personal experiences but I am just in utter love with this song. The video is powerful and many have suggested that this is the video in which he has “come out”. Have a look, tell me what you think (click on the photo):


The reason as to why I am posting about him is that his album ‘In the Lonely Hour’ is being released today, I can’t even tell you how long I have had this on preorder for. He has just gained his 3rd number 1 single……… he has had 3 singles out.

Like I said, youtube him – google him – research. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Especially if you are feeling very emotional.

My favourite lyrics:

I don’t have much to give,but I don’t care for gold, What use is money,when you need someone to hold


My other favourite performances:

His cover of Bruno Mars – When I was your man (click on image)


Not in that way  – live at Abbey Road (click on image)


Stay with me – live on Graham Norton Show (click on image)


Money on my mind – live on Jimmy Kimmel (click on image)



In the Lonely Hour – Review

Now I am not saying that I am a music reviewer, but hello…… I am a fan, and of course fans review music. Considering I originally posted this blog when the album first came out, I thought I would now post about what I think of this album. I am not going by anyone else’s opinions apart from my own.

First thing’s first………. I am listening to the album as I am posting, I have pretty much not stopped listening to it and I have bought it on digital and on CD only for the car & to let my mum listen in to the amazing songs. 

The night before this, Sam performed on the VMA’s, he has been tipped to sing the new James Bond theme tune and he is just going from strength to strength. So here it goes, PS – I have no musical technical words lol:

Money on my mind 

The first song I was introduced to Sam Smith, its a cool, sultry, yet upbeat and a great crowd pleasing song. My favourite lyric: “I don’t have money on my mind, I do it for the love”  8/10

Good thing

A more of a relaxed song, with a beautiful guitar all throughout the song. The song rifts through the deeper tones and voices, to the beating of the drum towards the chorus where Sam shows his passion, then finally to the orchestral section. My favourite lyric: “I made the decision, not to answer your calls. Coz I put everything out there, and I got nothing at all” 9/10

Stay with me

One of my absolute favourites, I am pleased that this song is becoming huge in America now. The song is regarding Sam not wanting that person to leave in the morning, whether that by a one night stand or in a relationship. Its the need and want of those feelings. Any song which has the gospel “chants” throughout a song, will always be a hit in my eyes. My favourite lyric “stay with me, coz you’re all I need. This aint love its clear to see, but darling stay with me” 10/10

Leave your love

I have really connected with this song, its really brought meaning to my life. I have gone through the phases of wanting men, with girlfriends. I have gone through that phase of wanting my best boy mate not to be with their girlfriend anymore, because I am missing them as a friend. This song, really brings it home to me. My favourite lyric “oh im in love with you and you will never know” & “but if I can’t have you, Ill walk this life alone, spare you the rising storm and let the rivers flow” & “watch you call his name” ……. you can tell its a favourite lol 10/10

Im not the only one

This song is all about finding the one you love, being with someone else. Although I have never felt those feelings thankfully, I can imagine it to be very strong to those who have had that. My favourite lyric “but when you call me baby, i know im not the only one”

I’ve told you now

Personally this song has more of a RnB vibe, and I can imagine this can be sung by a band as well. Sam’s voice ranges from his beautiful low tones to his amazing lovely smooth high pitched tones. This particular song, reminds me of the aftermath of a break up and not wanting to speak to that person. My favourite lyric “Watching everybody else meet theirs on that corner” 8/10

Like I can

Like I can, really makes me tap my feet like everytime haha. To the point I am doing it now as I am typing away! The meaning of this song ot me, is comparing that boyfriend/lover of that person you like. Saying look I am better than you and this is why. My favourite lyric “There may be lovers who hold out their hands but he’ll never love you like I can” 9/10

Life Support

I can imagine this to be so powerful in a concert, Sam’s high pitch is just wow spine tingling. The chorus floats in and out, which is brilliant when you are listening with your headphones. My favourite lyric: “Can’t you see that I am yours? So will you be my life support?” 9/10

Not in that way

I cannot express in words how much I love this song. I have listened to this song a lot at night. Ever felt the pain and suffering of loving someone, but you’re too scared to say and they will come back to say they like you but only as friends. This song sums it up. My favourite lyrics “You will never know that feeling, you will never see through these eyes” & “I’d never ask you, cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say, you’d say I’m sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way” 10/10

Lay me down

One of the calmer songs on the album, I love singing along to this, as I feel that sometimes my voice matches up with his haha! The chorus is so powerful, as you go from a whispering verses the chorus hits you and the lyrics become some powerful, the strings and the echoing of his voice throughout the 2nd verse is just bliss. My favourite lyric “Can I lay by your side, next to you, you and make sure you’re alright? I’ll take care of you” 10/10


Restart is one of the uplifting songs on the album, its the one you can dance along to and enjoy. It still has its powerfulness with the lyrics but its one to get you in the mood for a party! Weirdly this is my “least” favourite and when I say “least” its not even one I dislike playing lol…The song is all about wanting to leave the past behind and wanting your ex to piss off lol My favourite lyric “What do you want from me when I just wanna restart” 8/10


One of the most relaxing songs on the album, as it is in an acoustic version its brilliant to sit back/lay back and just experience the joy of the song. My favourite lyric “You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down” 10/10

La La La

The first song I ever heard from Sam Smith, he joined with Naughty Boy to provide the lyrics. It is a great song, very catchy but here I wish that Nirvana was on the album 🙂 My favourite lyric “I’m covering my ears like a kid. When your words mean nothing, I go la la la” 8/10

Reminds me of you

This song is one of the bigger produced songs, I feel. The lyrics, in my opinion are for those who are looking for a lover but keep comparing them to their exes. A rough place to be in. My favourite lyric “You are moving on, moving on, and I’m stuck on the track. I’ve gotta get out of here, before I self-destruct. And I don’t want, and I don’t want my heart to ever stop” 9/10

Make it to me

I couldn’t tell you how many times  I have played this song. Sometimes I have this on repeat for a long time. The lyrics are just utterly beautiful. The whole song is my favourite lyric. The feeling of wanting to belong with someone, wanting that person to want you and to realise that you are there and you are the one for them. 10/10 if I could 11

So there you have it 🙂 His album has helped me in so many ways, made realise who I am as a person, made me realise who I could be, who I could love, who I love and who that matters.

2017 – this album is still my go to album when I’m down. It makes me feel happy in side. It makes me feel safe. I can’t tell you how much it saved me from my heartbreak .

Thank you Sam.


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