Shopping Haul – Select Fashion, ASDA George, Primark & New Look

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Its pay day weekend woohoo everyone!! Which means that it’s time to buy new dresses. I haven’t worn trousers or just tops in so long now im obsessed with wearing dresses. I feel very girly in them, I feel that they cover all my bad parts and they come in so many designs they just make me feel great inside. I thought I would show you some of the new additions to my wardrobe, with an added extra few photos πŸ™‚


1First off this is a beautiful dress from G21 in ASDA George and is priced at Β£16.00. It’s a cute little lilac dress which poofs out at the waist, it doesn’t make you feel bigger than usual – hey no size 18 girl wants to feel bigger!! As you can see the detail is beautiful and delicate, it has a woven texture to it and the bottom layer is slightly thicker than the top. Annoyingly when leaving ASDA the bleepers went and no one stopped me, got home and realised that the bloody alarm tag thing is still in it!! Gotta go back tomorrow, oh well πŸ™‚


I bought this dress a few weeks ago actually and when I saw the lilac version I definitely thought – I love my pink version why not get it in another colour. I am actually keeping this one for my friends wedding, its so cute and has a lovely summer feeling to it. The coral I think is more pink/coral than anything and again at Β£16 it’s a bargain from ASDA George

2This beautiful orange dress was a shock to me when I bought it, if you were to ever look in my wardrobe its covered in blues and greens and never anything bright and I thought sod it lets buy it! It’s quite similar to those shown above but it was a bargain just coming in at Β£12 and I absolutely love Select Clothing Β – I have blogged about them before and have been featured on their facebook as well — look hereand here —-. It has a beautiful honeycomb affect to it, with an under dress behind the lace in a slightly lighter shade. Snug in all the correct places and has little sleeves if you don’t like showing off your shoulders.

3Another Select Clothing dress, I absolutely adore their tea dress … dresses lol and they really fit correctly and with the cute little buttons down the cleavage area its a great detail. I have another version of this:

IMG_20140504_131527I prefer this one ^^ as its more colourful, I have had so many compliments when I am wearing it. Although they say black makes you slimmer, Ii do feel that the black dress is less than slimming compared to the colourful one. Really strange. But both dresses make your cleavage look great!

6Now as you can tell by my face I am not sure of this.. I have another version of this in a dark navy for the dress and a black collar, but this dress I feel like I am a nurse! It’s a Primark dress and although this dress is for my size, I do feel that Ii need it in a bigger size. It shows all your lumps and bumps and I kinda want to wear one of those suck you in products (my minds gone blonde can you tell!) LOL

4The only top that I have bought and I have only bought this because I am going to wireless festival and I need to wear something in case I lose my friends plus its bright and summery. Its a neon orange from George at ASDA. I bought it actually 3x bigger than my normal size as I want something mega lose and I love it. Going to wear this with shorts and these cuties!!:

image (5)


How freaking adorable are these!!!! There were a few pairs left and I thought these are perfect for festivals and at Β£13 they are amazing. I have wide feet and its often hard to get shoes that fit your feet and also my lovely calves are non average size I love how they come up half way.

image (6)My final buy of clothes was this cute little cardigan from New Look. New Look used to be one of my favourite shops and now I hardly go in there, I really don’t like most of their clothes anymore, they don’t really work for my size and all their clothes want people to show of their mid drifts and stomachs and hell to the no will I eve do that!!

Anyway this is a cute little cardigan that is great for summer nights, it’s really light, delicate and has a smooth cotton finish to it. The dress is from Primark and it costs Β£5. I have it in blue, white, black and green and pink lol!

image (1)

Finally a new necklace, I have become obsessed with necklaces and I hardly wear jewellery. I love how neon pink this is and at Β£6 its a great cost from ASDA George again πŸ™‚


PS this is me…… hello to you.


Hope that you enjoyed this post πŸ™‚

Keep smiling!



5 thoughts on “Shopping Haul – Select Fashion, ASDA George, Primark & New Look

  1. You’re gorgeous girl!! Love the pictures, the dresses are flattering and suit you so well! Have fun at wireless, i went last year and it was amazing πŸ˜€ xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks


  2. I am seriously in love with every single item from your haul! I haven’t been in asda for ages, and when i do i normally just do a quick grocery shop 😦 Really want to pop in though as those dresses are gorgeous! I agree with you about new look, i used to really like them, but i feel that their clothes are my limited in style, but i still love their shoes hehe :p Those wellies are super cute too! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |


    1. haha aw thank you πŸ™‚

      yeah some great finds at the moment in George especially with all the summer items coming in.

      They do great beauty sections as well and the jewellery is brilliant!

      Absolutely agree about New Look they have really changed lately.

      Hope you find something & thanks for the comment xx


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