Pressures to be “normal” weight….


I bet we have all been there, I know I have and I can guarantee you have absolutely thought it – ” I am not as pretty/good looking/tall/small/thinner/bigger/curvier/beautiful than her/him “. We have all compared each other to someone else, whether that be because we are feeling or sometimes the total opposite where we want to feel good about ourselves (and you do that I bet you). But we shouldn’t, why should we compare each other, when in the end everyone wants to be unique. No one wants to be really the same and if you do you’re not particularly living YOUR life.

borderThe media is forever portraying the perfect body, the perfect look, the perfect life and the perfect person, but they also show when that one person slips up the tiniest time in their life. I can’t imagine how it is to be someone in the public eye, I would forever be on edge as to what I am saying, doing, dressing and looking. I couldn’t have days like today where I went out with my hair slightly greasy, no make up, my worst tshirt and leggings with quite frankly some holes in them haha! I don’t care sometimes as to what I look like because I am not trying to impress someone in particular, I am not trying to get the next magazine deal or DVD fitness weight loss programme. I am me. I am sometimes this glam girl, I am sometimes this mucky looking girl. I am normal.

There is a girl at work who is on a really strict diet and its one of those stupid fad juice diets in which you pay loads to buy, hating every minute of it and being so strict, timetabled to a lifestyle. Yeah okay she has lost loads of weight in a month, but to be honest each time I pick up a healthy option of a food version I like, I get looks, I am judged. We all diet in so many different ways, some run, dance, jog, fight, stress release every day and some do the route of eating healthily and doing work out DVDs.

No one should ever make you feel pressured to do anything. You shouldn’t ever made to feel like you’re being judged for your lifestyle.

They may be having the worst background life, but making it up for it in judging others for their lifestyle and happiness.


The only thing I wish for shops to do is that, lets face facts we are all getting bigger and the gap between the larger and the thinner is increasing in my eyes. But the clothes for the larger lady is bloody awful.

I went swim wear shopping the other day and I don’t like really showing off the tops of my legs, and in the past I have worn like mini shorts. Its now either skirts or a tiny extra bit of fabric. I dont mind that at all, its the designs….. either polka dot, plain or something which makes you look bigger and to be honest  I am not a bikini/tankini woman. The boob area is not as supportive, fashion designs us larger ladies have bigger boobs, they’re heavier lovelies – those girls need support!! haha. That also goes for sports bras as well OH and also those “hidden” support bras in tops – they are just a nono.

Anyway…….. a note to you all, support one another, be yourself, love yourself and stop comparing you to others. Those that care love you, those that don’t matter – f*ck em.

I have also mentioned this before in another post — please read —


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