Best Friends Girls Day Out

IMG_20140608_151159Hello you beautiful bloggers, have some wonderfully bright gerbias on this lovely spring/summer day 🙂 I had these the other day and they just completely brightened up my room. How amazing is the quality of my phone camera though. Anyway off topic, get back on top woman!! I had a really brilliant deserved day out with my best girls the other day, we all took a day off work in the middle of the week and decided we would go to Madame Tussauds and just enjoy ourselves and get out of our home town. It’s really hard nowadays when you get older to meet up with friends, I don’t know if anyone else has this issue. I have 5 close friends, 3 who live in my town (1 who is a full time sales girl (go her!!), 1 who is part time worker and a full time mummy (whoop go girl!!) and another is an intensive care nurse (round of applause!!!), and 2 who live away both 2 plus hours away. So trying to find time is just hell and with work being pains and not giving us a day off we grabbed the chance. I therefore thought I would show you just few of my snaps. The day started with us not being able to get off the train due to an unexploded bomb at the station we were entering!! But we ended up in the ending having the best day in the sunshine ❤

This is the first time I am blogging and including people who I love in a photo, so this may be taken down…… aaah!! Here we go.




Here are my beautiful girlies, they say that a blonde should always be with a brunette – well I say they should actually have redheads. I have never had a close brunette friend, they have either lied, back stabbed or not been a true friend. We have all known each other for 7 years as a group, but individually all our paths have crossed, 2 have known each other since they were 5, me and another since 5, me and another since 11 years old and then finally we all worked together and we all then realised we knew each other. It’s funny how life works.


Look who we bumped into, David and Victoria Beckham. Not the best of models but Victoria looked great. We wished that we had their style haha 🙂 Something must have made us smile : )

10439017_10152408200090817_712737494845382769_nI thought I would teach Audrey Hepburn about where she had been based all of these years, I am sure she has sat there for all these years wondering who these strangers were sitting next to her. I therefore thought I would be polite. By the way that brochure is £6, we as ladies were very nice and may or may not have flirted with the hot man on the till and therefore he gave it to us for free haha!!

10441363_10203430671480326_940833487736585666_nTeam Jacob or Team …….. haha I am so Team Jacob I have totally forgotten what his character is called, I have dismissed him out of my head. EDWARD that’s his name, thank you Google. Anyway how can you resist Robert, he’s a hottie isnt he. I seem to have my hands on a lot of chests in the photos me and the girls took, men and women haha! My girlie on the other hand she is obviously team Edward haha, course she fancied a grope!

10411978_10152408200300817_6327693924889542931_nThankfully, two of us are team jacob and two are team . hahahaha ive literally just typed it and ive forgotten *scrolls up* EDWARD!! So me and the better taste in men girlie had a wonderful time smooching up to Taylor – yum yum!!

10473617_10154187275750162_7564412433766162707_nWho me? I am innocent I swear hahaha.

10454924_10203430690840810_2762406059188568215_nIf any of my readers are Beliebers, I am sorry but I am not sorry either. I love how Madame Tussauds clearly does not give two toots to update his model. I can imagine they would have to change it every week by the downfall of the guy. This is my opinion of him and it clearly shows in my fingers and face.

1520604_10154187282835162_8595028598066222907_nShe was so beautiful, the model was just so pretty. Love Princess Diana. She and Kate Middleton were the best Royal models there, don’t even bother seeing Prince Harry, Charles or Camilla they were absolutely awful.

10403653_10152408198325817_1026537125729009592_nHaha whoop, all the single ladies (well…… 2 out of 3 in this photo arent) *sings* alllllllllllll by myself. Brilliant wax work, weird angle to pose next to but we got there in the end.

10361577_10154187289710162_1935836825458402313_nI absolutely adored this section, we are in London England and the President Obama section (who I appreciate more than this man) had a roped off section, private and paid photographers to have your picture taken with him. You could walk up to David Cameron and I could only think of 1 thing to do. I don’t trust this man at all……… ooooooh getting political, stop it.

10341938_10203430660960063_1728820655126670892_nFinally please don’t let life pass you by, live every day, see your friends as much as possible and cherish them. I love my girls and wouldn’t change them for anyone or anything. Personally it’s better to have few and truer than many and fake.



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