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I think I may start a new tradition on this blog to offer my lovely readers some beautiful flowers, like I said previously flowers just make everything right. They are never sad, they never are upsetting, they’re always there to lift people’s moods so I therefore I offer you some beautiful flowers that I actually have.. haha. I haven’t done a pure make up blog in a while, so I thought I would focus this one on the foundation ranges that I own.


Foundation I believe is key for make up, it is literally the foundation for your make up and when you get the best colour and the shade to match your skin complexion, its like all the stars align and its perfect. I have a hard time trying to get the correct complexion colour like I am sure many ladies do, unfortunately because I am someone who doesn’t see the point in designer clothes, make up, bags etc I do not buy into expensive brands so I aim to go for the cheaper versions. Sometimes cheap is better so here’s my views:

disclaimer – I would also like to point out I took these photographs with my ipod and therefore camera quality is shite. 

1The first is a brand that I have now started to use everyday, the lighting is awful I know I apologise Rimmel !!! The foundation is really light, its not heavy on the skin at all, it doesn’t dry out my skin (which is great because I have combo skin). It has an inbuilt SPF which is always good and it wakes up the skin apparently. The only downside that I would say to this is that it can be really glisten in the light which isn’t good, so thank god for matte powder on top. It’s not so expensive either and I do like the product design as well, I know that the colour may not match my skin, but I promise you the photograph is not giving you all the benefit of what it actually is!

2This is probably one of my darkest tones that I own, the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is really light on the skin, although the massive downside for my face is that it really dries my skin out. So unfortunately this did used to be one of my ultimate favourites and go to foundations, it now is one of my least favourites. Damn skin for changing!! I would still use it, but not around the TZone areas.

3My cheapest product and to be honest my best match!! It really covers a lot (especially as I have chubby cheeks) haha and its a great feeling of a foundation, its not too oily, harsh or hard on the skin and its just a brilliant coverage. I would just wish that they did bigger designs as I would definitely buy it. I have bought this product twice and the first time it split in the post 😦

4I think that I bougtht this on a whim or to make it up to a certain price in order to get something free haha. It’s an alright product, I mean its quite close to the match of my skin, but its really heavy product. It of course says on the product that it is a tinted moisturiser (NO Z E.L.F!!) and er it definitely does that, as I come out look like an oompa loompa – which is never a good look I tell you now haha. So unfortunately this is not one that I particularly use.


This was my go to foundation, the Dream Satin Liquid and I still love it but not this shade. This is the nude shade and I did have one lighter but then I came across the Maybelline Wake Me Up and I haven’t reinvested. It’s a brilliant product and it lasts for soooooooo long. It’s great to see unlike the other products as to how much you have left, which is always a bonus. Not too oily, not too harsh on the skin and it does last all day. I do have some issues with it in the T Zone but using the correct cover up is always great to hide those bad bits!!


Do you have a favourite foundation that would be ideal for someone with weird coloured skin and a combo skin as well haha. Send me your suggestions.


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