Weekend Shopping Haul

IMG_20140614_171545First of all, have some flowers – everyone loves flowers, if you don’t whats wrong with you – do you want some chocolate instead? Anyway, I keep buying myself flowers at the moment as no one else is gonna, so whats a girl gotta do – look after numero uno. This weekend is the weekend to celebrate Father’s all around the world, whether you are lucky to still have your Dad or your Dad is in heaven or even if you have never know your Dad, there’s always a Father figure in your life – they deserve to be thanked. Although ideally we should be thanking them every day of the year but Hallmark have decided to have the 1 day. So this weekend, my house has celebrated by having a BBQ and then today I went shopping with my Dad. I thought I would take you through my weekend.


20140615_162753I bought this beauty of a basket from The Range, its a bubblegum pink colour and at a great price of £4 it will be brilliant in my bedroom. I am going to be keeping some of my make up in here such as make up brushes. The basket comes in this colour, aqua or white and I thought I would go for something vibrant. Plus it’s so uber cute!!20140615_162848For some reason I have never bought these and after reading so many blogs about how great they are I thought bugger it,  I am going to buy it. They cost me £14 in the sale at TK Max and I cant wait to try them. I totally didnt realise that they came with a lovely little pouch as well. They aren’t the softest brushes that I have felt but I hope that they live up to expectation. Have you got them, why are they so good? I love the colours of the brand though, really nice and girly and you finally don’t have to read the side of the brushes to remember what each one does, you just have to know the colour.


Again hello miss sheep of the year 2014, I have read about Argan Oil and how its meant to be good for your hair and this was another little find in TK Max. This product was priced at £5.99 so I am hoping that it is good. It’s based for blonde hair which ideally is what I have haha! I have never heard of this brand has anyone else?


I have one pair of tweezers that I absolutely love so I keep trying to find some new ones, I thought I would give these a go. It is the Soft Touch Tweezer with a “perfect precise tweeze” so I am hoping that they do what it says on the ……. plastic? LOL! Does anyone else love tweezing, or am I just a weirdo? By the way I am not completely tweezed as in pencilled eyebrows. Here’s proof haha


borderOff topic slightly, I am part of the social team at work and if you remember from a few weeks ago I made some awards for my colleagues, well now the World Cup is in action we are going football mad……. ps COME ON ENGLAND!!! So today, I have been making two blow football pitches. I visited Hobbycraft (which is just like heaven) and bought a few things. I so wish Hobbycraft was around when I was doing my GCSE Graphics back in 2007, I made  a school playground and hunting high and low for creative products was so hard.


1 foam board, 8 mini turfs, balls – lots of balls, trophies, medals, straws and pipe cleaners. I felt like I have transported back to my teenage years and I love it. Wish I could do a creative job lol

IMG_20140615_183058It’s not amazing LOL! But it took forever, the “grass” didn’t fit the board, the pipecleaners didn’t want to stay……. I have green fluff all over me and glue everywhere. I hope people are pleased lol

Anyway, I hope that you are having a wonderful day 🙂



4 thoughts on “Weekend Shopping Haul

  1. I totally believe that there’s nothing wrong with a girl buying their own flowers, whether they have a boyfriend or not! 🙂 I love flowers, I seriously buy them every week for myself! 😀


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