Stop spending woman – shopping haul time! #primark #katemoss #plussize

IMG_20140608_152045Damn working in the town centre, I have to walk past the pretty shops and I have to try to resist the urge….. how dare you shops to be so enticing and some “you need me now!!”. Again here is a lovely flower you for the reader 🙂 I know I know I spoil you haha. Let’s have a look as to what I bought shall we……. if you’re not bothered then, have a lot at any other posts, there’s plenty to read 🙂



One of my favourite lipsticks ever is the Kate Moss Matte Range, I absolutely love the shade 107 and this is the shade 111 – Kiss of Life. I haven’t chosen a “red telephone box” colour in so long and as I love a matte finish I found this and I thought I had to have this. As always its easy to apply, great every lasting shade and it never smudges. Such a high quality of lipstick and I just love it. Here’s the brand if you’re not too sure, I am sure you are but everyone loves an obvious photo 😉


What a beautiful shade of red……….. mwah! ❤


My next buy was I guess a pressure buy, again Kate Moss and some absolutely beautiful design of a mascara. It has a mirror like effect all around the tube and the boldness of the red from the Kate signature is just brilliant and the branding is great. The mascara wand is designed to fit the shape of your eyelashes and curves and curls into the eyelashes as you want to. It can be a bit gloopy when it comes out but that’s alright just clear it away. It does take some time to get used to, as it sometimes appears quite thick – so if you have long eyelashes be aware that they may touch your eyelids when you look up!!


Still in Superdrug and I was looking high and low for my favourite cleansing wipes, the yellow package of Camomile. After asking the shop assistant who agreed with me how she was shocked, Superdrug have got rid of the Camomile which I believe to be ridiculous. They were very soothing, calming and had a great freshness to them. Now they have been replaced and replaced with aloe vera……… why is it always aloe vera!!! Anyway let’s give these a go, not got high hopes but we shall see. At 99p you can’t go wrong I guess.


Pretty standard, I am in need of these a lot lately and just to have one in your handbag I feel is essential.


I stupidly bought an own brand hairspray and it was awful, sometimes cheap is great but then sometimes the brand is the best to buy. I saw this one which is a duel option for volume and stay. Always great for nights out, especially when I have a few coming up in the next coming weeks 🙂


Now as my favourite drug store (Superdrug) is next to one of my favourite clothes stores Primark, it was only right that I stepped foot in there to see what was available……….. WHYYYYYYYY did I do that.

2These are some mega cute sailor type shorts for my holidays and possibly for a festival coming up. I definitely do not have the legs to wear these shorts where the girls arses are hanging out. A bit of fashion and respect for yourself I think is better than letting your arse hang out. They were about the £8 mark and I bought them in the next size up, as you never know with heat and foods that can make you bloat in the heat, its never good. 🙂 Cute little drawstring and button for the detail as well.

4I realised over the weekend that I am now the girl who 10 years ago would never set foot outside in a dress and would always wear trousers. 10 years later, I never set foot outside in trousers and I am always in dresses. So I thought I would buy some of these baggy trousers, they are brilliant as the elasticated waist, cute little pockets and great with the warmer weather we are getting. Wonderful Primark, I noticed on the right hand side photo, I have a lovely hole (no cheeky comments) and therefore tempted to take them back or sew…….. or rather Mum sew.

5I have been looking at these trousers for ages now, really contemplating whether or not I should buy them. Whether or not  I would look ridiculous and if they were worth the money. I am currently writing this blog with them on, I am in love with them. They are so comfortable and baggy its just lush. They have really cool fabric which enables me to move freely about and lots of room for my skin to breathe 🙂 Highly recommend.



I bought these shorts in Matalan, they were under the £10 mark and yet again just like the trousers before I did think f*ck it. I am gonna wear what I like, when I like and if no one else likes them then they are the judgemental ones. 🙂 Love the design on them, the colours and just the happiness of them all in general.

So there you have it, payday is on the 25th……… lack of money now. I have no self control, its so bad 😦

Hope you enjoyed this blog *make sure you give it a thumbs up LOL(I would say that if I was a Blogtuber (imagine that!!))*


5 thoughts on “Stop spending woman – shopping haul time! #primark #katemoss #plussize

  1. Love that lipstick- gotta check it out. As far as batiste I can’t say I love it! Check out Frederick fekkai dry shampoo if ur I’m the market for a new one!


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