Friday & Saturday Me days & OOTD

IMG_20140608_151440Some days you need to just have a day that is dedicated to you, parents wanted to take me out today but I have such a busy 2 weekends coming up I just wanted to have a me day. Me days are the best, you don’t have to answer to anyone, you do as you wish, you look as you want to look and you have no time limits. Normally on my days off and my me days, I have a day of getting myself more glammed up than usual and just go for a drive, music blaring, windows down and just loving life. Driving through the countryside and the streets and escaping life, but also clearing my mind on so many things that keep me awake at night. Looking over the Kent valleys makes you realise how small your life is sometimes and you have just gotta go with it. Then I came back, stupidly logged online and I was greeted with negativity on my beautiful Facebook, think im definitely going to stick to Twitter soon and my profile for only my blogging friends. Anyway, this is what I have been up to today, prepare for selfies 🙂 PS here’s another beautiful flower for my beautiful readers, from me to you xo

borderIMG_20140621_155210 (1)

As from my previous blog >> read here << i am into the snazzy designed trousers and I found these in Primark. They have a satin like feeling to them and I am positive that my Dad actually had this design in a top in the 90’s haha! I just feel so comfortable in them and I don’t care if anyone does not like them. They are garish, they are out there and they make me feel good.

I went to Morrisons earlier, was walking about for about 2 minutes and for some reason I touched the side of my hips and I thought wtf I could feel my leg……. there was a split in my trousers for about 6 inches. I therefore had to hold my trousers by the time I got out of there and just got to the car, so embarrassing, but then I thought oh dear only me. This isn’t the first time this week that Primark has done this to me with the ripped trousers, so therefore back to Primark. Other than that, brilliant for £9.

IMG_20140620_124154These are my ultimate favourite trousers at the moment, I wore there to work on Friday and I got loads of compliments. Many asked me where I got them from and some even had a feel haha! They are again from Primark just under the £10 mark. They are a cotton polyester I am sure texture, they are light with 2 layers but they are so comfortable, I actually felt as thought I was wearing my pjs to work.  To be honest the way my pjs are, I could wear some and I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid. They are elasticated at the bottom as well.

IMG_20140617_191318Something I forgot to add the other day, I adore this top and I really wish that I could wear it to work just ot prove a statement. They are different coloured pearls around the sleeves which are adorable. It is a few months old but its a great slumber top.

IMG_20140619_223604I have spoken about this brand of popcorn before and as I was buying the Sweet and Salt version in TESCO the other day, the colour of this packaging caught my eye. First of all what a beautiful colour and secondly I looked at it and thought wow that’s one weird combination, coconut and vanilla. I bought two, one for me one for my mum as she loves the sweet & salty. Dear god, after tasting these I am in heaven. They are amazing, not too sweet and not too overpowering either just right. A great summer snack, never had so much popcorn lately. Dan you Properpopcorn!

IMG_20140621_173748I escaped to my garden to lay on the grass, the best thing to do to escape your thoughts is to do this and look at this beautiful image. It just looks as though the heavens are shining through and it made me realise how little my troubles are.

IMG_20140621_173856What does a blonde love………. sunshine because it makes my hair lighter. It’s seriously often very dull and look how bright it is, I have also been using the blonde argan oil I mentioned in a previous post >>> read here <<< and I am really seeing a difference. As you may be able to see I am also wearing LOOM bands, I have never been one for crazes but I absolutely love these. Me and my colleague make them at work when its quiet inbetween calls or even in the middle of them. IMG_20140617_163541 IMG_20140618_172800Here is my first design, we actually bought 6 further bags for 99p each at The Works and its just so relaxing, we really cannot do more than the basics but just loving doing them.

IMG_20140618_165652I dont often go to coffee shops as I find them very over priced, but I found this beautiful one which is a Costa Cooler, mint mocha with whipped cream – goodbye diet. Hello cream. Jesus LOL! its heavenly. Mint Mocha with crushed ice and topped with squirty cream and chocolate sprinkles. Oh for those who aren’t British, squirty cream is whipped cream, I have to say that now as after watching a Ben & Harley Vine, so many people laughed at that phrase – maybe it is just very British and not in anyway rude.

IMG_20140621_155800Finally this is my look today, all week I have hardly work any make up and if I went to work looking as I do on the weekend (which I have done before), I often get asked who I am trying to impress and if  I am going on a date… no is the simple answer and I wish it was the case. Haha, so my lipstick is Kate Moss Matte – 107 & 111 >> reviews here << I have combined both, with an E.L.F. lip liner highlighter, eyebrows are the MUA Luxe Brow which I have talked about loads >> read here << My eyeliner is by LOOK Beauty, mascara – of course Maybelline Cats Eyes >> reviews here << . I finally bought the foundation in which I had a sample of in which the lovely reader of aka Courtney in which she again recommended the Rimmel Match Foundation. LOVE IT!!

My top is a longer version of a crop top in a cream coloured version, with cute little rose and flowered designs it again is from Primark haha #obsessed. It is accompanied by a navy blue spaghetti top and the trousers that you saw in the first photo 🙂

I felt pretty today, which was a nice feeling.

Hope you have a lovely weekend xo



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