Shopping Haul & a rant about clothes shops #fbloggers #bbloggers

IMG_20140625_191457Helloooooo, how are you are you well and smiling today. I hope you are because its bloody miserable outside, I was awoken at 9:20 this morning by the biggest clap of thunder I had ever heard and no more thunder after that. Anyway as its payday week and I have not had a lot of time to go shopping I thought I had to go today. As tonight I have a girls night out, I needed something to wear and woohoo I could not find one single thing – BUT I did find other things 🙂


My first purchase was a clutch bag from Primark, the best way to describe it is the same material as a sun mat that goes on the beach, or a sun/wind protector again from the beach. It’s a great bag, a lot can be placed in there and its not too big that you’re going to lose something if you’re drunk, like I will be tonight.

PicMonkey Collage3

As you can see hopefully you are able to understand what I was talking about 🙂

My next purchase was a beautiful “pleather” disgusting word haha, a lovely pleather bag, which has a lovely long strap ideal for either over the shoulder or just the one. It has two compartments within the bag, with a golden zip pocket.

PicMonkey Collage5

Easily stretchable and great to keep of all your things in of course, brilliant for a night out as well!

20140628_160317My next purchase again from Primark, I bought two of these are they are my favourite shoes. I have had them in many a colour, but I love the fact that they are wide fit – there are not many cheap shoes around that are for wide feet. Considering that they cost under a tenner it’s always a bargain, plus they have extra comfort sponges on the heel and balls of the feet. Biggest bonus – they never give me blisters!

20140628_160338Oh dear god, I must be on some sort of downer as I have just realised that everything I have bought so far is the colour black!! These are for my holiday and they are a soft cotton, which is great for the hot weather in Greece.


Now I have never ever bought any clothes from Dorothy Perkins at all before and all I saw was RED 50% RED COME AND BUY ME!! So I went in there and came across two little cute dresses for a dinner each.

The first is this lovely yellow one, I have again never bought anything in this shade before: (excuse the legs and pose haha). I would wear these with leggings or tights, never bare 🙂

PicMonkey Collage

And as I saw this, I was like ooooh hello there it is in blue!! so hey presto, blue. It does have cute little detailing all along the dress, a type of honeycomb effect.

PicMonkey Collage2Again I would wear these with tights or leggings, unless I get the fake tan out haha.

Some other bits I bought are:

20140628_162017For Wireless Festival next weekend!!! 🙂 £6 from Topshop (again never buy anything from this store)

20140628_162213I believe that the Cutex Nourishing is the best nail varnish remover, quick and easy to use, lovely scent and it moisturisers your nails as well which is always a bonus. The scent next is from Ted Baker and I bought it with the 3 for 2 sale in Boots in which I bought some little deodorants for tonight and next week 🙂

20140628_162147Absolutely gutted that I have run out of my Lady Million, because its so expensive its a buy in which I have to think about. As you can see from the testers I tried many different ones but couldn’t find one I loved – so I went back to Lady Million but bought the smaller version 😦

What sucks is that I sprayed a scent on my hand and I can still smell it now and its amazing, unfortunately idiot me cannot remember as to what it was boooooooo 😦



I was really gutted that I went into New Look today and it was just ridiculous, the sizes were all 6-14. I would love to be a size 14 today, but unfortunately I am a size 18 and New Look’s Inspire range is absolutely dire. I mean dire. They clothes make you bigger than you are, which is the worst thing clothes can do, they are disgusting patterns, the colours are either blue, purple or black. Their styles are just boxed, straight up and down. I will say it and I am not sorry for saying it, but the UK size average is a 16. I am sure a size 16 girl may sometimes also wants a bit of comfort and may want the next size up and its ridiculous that you cannot find the clothes.

My next rant is I absolutely loveeeeeee Select, but I went into my local store and it looked like a jumble sale. Clothes were everywhere, all in railings not in any shape or size ie – all colours all over the place, all sizes everywhere and its just rubbish. There seemed to be a lack of clothing as well in some areas of the shop and I just for once did not enjoy shopping in there today.

Five things I would like to see in all clothes shop

– clothes in size order

– clothes off the floor

– clothes shops to offer sizes from 6 – 20

– no jumble sale rails – have some organisation

– more than 1 mirror in the store not just in the waiting room or being covered by a clothes rail. 

Anyway enough of me rambling on, I hope you have a brilliant weekend. Keep positive.



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