Missing 1 part in my life – love .

large (3)We all crave for that love, for that affection, for that person to make us feel like a whole and to make us feel unique, special, crazy, stupid and just you. Are we looking for our Prince Charming, does he even exist, or do we really have to kiss so many frogs to find him.

I know I would love to find someone, I have been single for nearly 6 years now. I have dated on and off, but god I am hating being single now, especially at 25 years old, and the fact nearly everyone around me is either, in a relationship, married, engaged or having/starting a family.

I do like my independence, but I am definitely missing that comfort of someone else liking me and it’s not just my friends or family.

I don’t have a type, my type is just whoever I like. They can be big, thin, muscly, blonde, brunette, black, red head, as long as they treat me nice and keep me happy that’s the main thing.


4 thoughts on “Missing 1 part in my life – love .

  1. Ahh, I really feel you with this, I’m the exact same. It’s the not having someone to share your day with, the little things, that I hate not having. My friends are amazing but I’m the only single one and I sometimes feel like they feel they have to ‘look after’ me cause of it. It’s so difficult to meet someone genuine nowadays though.

    emlota xx


    1. absolutely agree, its nice that your friends are happy etc, but its kinda like oooh but I want that as well!!!

      it is absolutely genuinely hard to meet someone, parents are always like its easy – yeah back in their day!! haha xx


      1. Yeah parents defo don’t get that it’s changed since their generation. I wish it was still how it was for them! Xx


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