The Honesty Quiz


Hello to all, I have wanted to do one of these for sometime now and I found a “you cannot tell any lies” within the quiz, so I will try and be as honest as possible. I hope you do it too!!


Ten Things I wish I could say to ten different people (but don’t say their name):

10. please leave him, he isn’t good enough for you and he’s making you so unhappy.

9. move on with him, he’s said he’s sorry and have a better trust with your boyfriend

8. speak to your friends and your family, you once took the mickey out of anyone under the thumb

7. im glad you’re now single.

6. i hate this job and i want to quit every morning and evening

5. i miss you

4. for the love of god put your bloody boobs away on facebook

3. you’re really rude and judgemental but everyone’s too scared to tell you

2. designer clothes / bags do not mean you’re better than me

1. I wish you would gain more patience and learn that you have changed

Nine things about myself:
9. I cant really cook
8. My left side of my body is pretty much always in pain
7. if im ill on the right side of my body i know its something serious
6. i have a half northern half southern accent which confuses people in the south lol
5. i stay up late for no reason
4. i dislike pigs
3. I really hate the feeling and now thought of flour on my hands
2. i really hate it when people try to impress others and think that they are the best and try to argue
1. you are going to counselling and it is helping you.

Eight ways to win my heart: (in no order)
8. Make me laugh
7. give me hugs when im sad
6. drop me a text to ask if im ok
5. cute smile is best 🙂
4. dont smother me
3. be honest
2. be sweet
1. get along with my friends

Seven things that cross my mind a lot: (no order)
7. money.
6. work
5. him
4. situations
3. holiday
2. my body
1. Happy times.

Six things I do before I fall asleep( in no order):
6. watch tv
5. Brush my teeth
4. Take off my clothes
3. Set my alarm
2. listen to music
1. toiletries lol

Eight people who mean a lot (in no order):
8. my family
7. my best friends
6. my wifeys
5. work friends
4. my boys
3. my best friends little girls
2. musicians
1. family who have passed away

Four things you’re wearing right now:
4. leggings
3. a daisy print dress
2. underwear
1. and make up lol!

Three songs that you listen to often (top 3 on itunes):
3. Matt Henry – Skinny Love
2. 4 Non Blondes – Whats Up
1. The Rocket Summer – Never Knew

Two things you want to do before you die:
2. Have a life full of love
1. To have a job I love

One confession:
1. I wish I was more brave to say and do the things I want to do.


I hope that was something different to read and like I said I hope that you do something along those lines as well, it would be great to read 🙂


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