My life in a soundtrack.

large (52)Hello lovely readers, I thought I would do another one of these as I highly enjoyed it last time and it also appeared as though you did too with the comments and likes. If you fancy doing it, please have a bit of a copy and paste and have fun with it…… remember no cheating, no being ashamed of what you listen to either, as it makes you smile in the end. That’s all that matters – so here it goes!!


My life soundtrack

  • opening credits: ex girlfriend – matt willis
  • waking up: pump up the jam – technotronic
  • first day at school: time awaits – the kooks
  • falling in love: didn’t we almost have it all – whitney houston (bit depressing lol!)
  • fight song:  if I were a boy – beyonce (brilliant haha)
  • breaking up: love me for a reason – boyzone (haha!!)
  • prom: relax take it easy – mika
  • life: carmen – lana del ray
  • mental breakdown: babylon – matt henry
  • driving: one love – blue (yay 🙂 )
  • flashback: hey baby – dj otzi (omg, i did not know I had this 😦 )
  • getting back together: set fire to the rain – adele
  • wedding: a thousand miles – jamie johnson
  • birth of child: I cant help falling in love with you – UB40
  • final battle:  dear darlin – olly murs
  • death scene: give a man a hope – simon webbe (forgot how much I love this song)
  • funeral song: umbrella – mcfly (LOL!)
  • end credits: I love it – icona pop

Well I enjoyed that, some unusual shuffle choices… haha!!



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