Two faced girls.

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I dont know whether it just in my life or its an age thing, but I have noticed more and more people are coming out of the woodwork as fake. I have a close set of friends who I know will all be there for each other. But I think over the past few months I have noticed it more and more.

It could be that I found out that a girl I used to get on really with at my old work, shockingly deleted me on facebook. I knew that she was very two faced at work, she would constantly bitch about someone at work and be nice as pie when they were infront of her. But it just kinda shocked me as every time I see her, she is sweet as pie to me and now its really making me think as to actually how two faced she was to me. I have definitely noticed it with a lot of my ex colleagues, they give the fakest smiles, I know they talk about me – I have never said a bad word about them since I have left.. maybe theyre jealous that I escaped that place. Here’s my negative comment haha – it’s full of people sleeping with each other at one point, they all gossip about each other, no support and there are so many families in there, you’re the outcast if you’re not a family member. That’s how it felt.

I do blame Facebook for this society of feeling like this, I technically shouldnt give two toots as to this action of “deletion”. But I would prefer if we had an argument lol and not just a cowardly way of “hey I dont want to be your friend anymore, im going to delete you”, Id prefer to have an actual reason.

I think it is an age thing, as I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. I am not following others opinions, if someone does not like someone and they tell me to not like them, there’s no way in which I will do that. That person hasnt affected me in any way, so I will make up my own decisions. That’s how lies and chinese whispers go about.

This culture is becoming some sort of blame society, a fake and a lying society. If I like you, I like you – if I dont like you, i’ll just leave you to get on with your life and if believe in something I will fight for the cause.

I have posted previously about the positivity about girl power – check it out here — 

Frustrating 🙂


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