I spent some ACTUAL MONEY on make up – Models Own / Max Factor #bbloggers

makeupHello I am back…. im such a bad blogger, I haven’t blogged in nearly 1 month *slaps wrists*. I will be posting about what I have been up to, as I have been up to quite a bit. But today, I thought I would blog about what I have been buying. Now considering, I am the type of girl who really doesn’t like to splurge on beauty products, I thought f**k it and I splurged. I did feel rather dirty doing it, and I hope to god that the money I spent on these products are worth it, as speaking to some staff members they were rather shocked about the nailvarnish I was wearing and especially where it was from.

First thing’s first, the nail varnish that you see in the photos is from brand “Jessie”, thats J-E-S-S-I-E not Essie, and it’s from Poundland. Absolutely love this colour and for £1 its an absolute bargain. Some come with me as I go through my lovely little buys.




Here’s my lovely nail varnish that you are going to be seeing quite a bit of in these photos, as I said £1 bargain 🙂 It’s not chipped for 3 days so far!! I also whilst visiting the Models Own Nail Bar, was asked on several occasions are you wearing *insert the name of the colour of their brand**. I said nope, its Poundland own and they were positively shocked.

0I have mentioned previously that my ultimate favourite black nail varnish, is actually from the halloween range …*shock gasp* from Poundland. The Poundland nail varnish is amazing, it has great pigmentation, 1 coat is only needed and it does not chip. I asked the girl on the desk as to what this was like, she showed me that although this is NOT as thick, it does have great coverage. I am hoping to use this against/contrast for brighter polishes in the future.

2I love matte products, ranging from lipglosses, powder, to nail varnishes. So going for a gel product is quite a big leep in my eyes! I love this colour of an aqua, sea green colour (depends on your colour blindness!). I am hoping that it does what it says on the tin. The lovely lady states that the nails should gel just like the top of the nail varnish lid, its a smooth, shiny finish… so fingers crossed!!

1I bought this colour primarily for my mum to use, as each time I ask her what colour she wants on her nails – answer is always….red please! This is a bright siren telephone box red, I have applied this already to my mum and she is loving the affect on her nails already. Her nails unfortunately for her haha, have many bumps and grooves in them and she has noticed how smooth they are now and rather shiny too!! Lets see how long it is before it chips, she is definitely my guinea pig!


One of my favourite nail varnish shades to wear is Barry M Lilac, this is a really close replica of the shade and I am hoping that it will do it justice. I also plead with Barry M that they never get rid of that shade……….ever3The main reason in which I have bought white *yes its white, bloody camera!!*, is to do some nail decorating so I am hoping that its going to come out with some amazing boldness and brightness.

4Finally, I have bought the bright neon colour. I love a neon colour and especially with my tan from my holiday (which is slowly fading 😦 ), it will really make everything a lot more summary. Always a bonus if you’re feeling down!

Before I move onto the next purchases, I thought I would show you some nail art that I have been doing lately. I have grown more confidence in the ability and I am hoping to do some more 🙂



ps they’re meant to be watermelons haha 🙂 border

So all of my products consist of either, own branded, rimmel, collection 2000, nyx etc… you know the ones which don’t have their own staff member counter trying to sell the products. I thought today I am going to go near those orange tanned, eyebrowed tastic loving girls. It was an experience, I did think – Dont ask them any questions, but in the end I needed help…. I unfortunately have run out of my favourite product that I buy from E.L.F and I am so bored and let’s say poor from buying it online each time it runs out. IF you don’t know what I am on about here’s what I am babbling about..

20140510_154315I asked the lovely lady at the counter as to whether she knows of anywhere else that does this and she showed me that a certain brand does this and I looked and checked it out…. I thought wow these are gonna last me some time. They were and still in my eyes, so expensive!! But I thought sod it, you’re only young once.

5 6Both of these beautiful colour correctors came in the colours I wanted. Of course there were other colours but I am so glad that they had them. I will be posting a review of these at a later date.

8Now although I said I was buying expensive things, it was of course 3 for 2… haha as if I would leave without a bargain. I have therefore bought some pressed powder, I dont think I own anything in a gold product case. Review will be up soon!

So there you have it, that’s all of my beauty buys lately. What do you think… do you prefer the cheaper branded products or the more expensive?




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