I’ve been on holiday!! A photograph postcard

30So where have you been Miss, why haven’t you been posting?? why have you been quite?? whats been going on… I hear you say *well in my head you’re all very interested, but there could only be 1 person, so hello to you..

*on a side note, I have noticed over the past month I have become more and more like Miranda Hart… I even galloped around a park the other day. Not because someone made me, but because I had the sudden urge!!*

Anyway, off topic. The end of July, I went to one of my ultimate favourite places on Earth – Kefalos in Kos, Greece. I have been going since I was a teenager, so for the past 10 years I have enjoyed holidays here… its got that bad that the locals start recognising lol!

I therefore thought I would take you through some photos of my time and tempt you to go as well, its a relaxing holiday, I am in no way wanting or ever wanting a do something every day holiday.

By the way, all photos are mine 🙂 The one above is of the harbour at Kamari Bay, just blissful.



Obligatory photo, of course we were placed on the wing. Me and my brother, have issues with our bodies and him especially with fibromyalgia and hypermobility, his joints are really bad and therefore the extra leg room is needed. ONLY downside, we were in charge of opening the escape door if we ended crashing……… fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!32Why can’t the sea in Britain by like this, it’s so clear, cool, and just calming. I love the fact that you can see the fish swimming by and to step into it whilst still being able to see your feet. Step into the sea around Britain, you’ll probably have a used condom at your feet!

31How beautiful is the view. This was around the time of the super moon and as you can see in the background it’s starting to appear. I could sit out and look at this view forever.

25This island is well known on the island of Kos. Its called Kastri island, at the end (on the far left) there is a tiny church and the only way in which people can get over is by boat or to swim. A childhood friend, who I have grown up through the 10 years of going to this island, he actually got married there 2 weeks ago. Beautiful.

12My standard view of the holiday, I have never been so brown on holiday and its been 2 weeks since I have come back and people are questioning as to whether I am applying fake tan……… no.

21Really does not justify my tan 😦

26The only trip I went on was to Kos town, its a small town on the other side of the island. Here you can find a lot of history and it is where most of the island do live. This is a photograph from inside the Church, it was absolutely beautiful, with huge chandeliers and the ceiling was filled with paintings.

9This is a view from the entrance, its just magnificent and beautiful.


How about this view when you are eating? We walked for about 20 minutes all along the sea front and came to this lovely little taverna and watched the sun set. Oh dammit, why am I doing this post, I feel sad!

29The last photograph I took of the island, on the coach back to the most depressing place – the airport. Beautiful sun set, with the contrast of the trees in the background. I miss it.

13Oh just quickly, this was my favourite maxi dress of the holiday – bought it a few years ago from GEORGE at ASDA and I just LOVE the colours, its really slimming and I felt great wearing it 🙂







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