Positivity at work


I am a true believer in making sure that others are happy and of course that I am happy too. I make presentations every week/month on motivation for my work. Some are aimed at my colleagues but all of the ones that talk about working and being in a happy place is absolutely aimed at people higher. 

I believe in order for your employees to have the best work ethic, they must be happy, motivated and willing to go that extra step. Bringing them down and relying on targets and hardly giving them a pat on the back – you are not going to get anywhere. 

So by bringing happiness, by bringing that get go, by allowing them to be happy and making sure they know their strengths every day and not just an “employee of the month”, it will allow them to be better at their job, provide you as a manager with the targets you so willingly want them to have. 

I know that they should have this façade of being all strong and tough and rules rules rules but they should have fun too. Not blowing my own trumpet but I have done more motivational things, social outings and brought positivity than some higher but everyone has their own ways. 🙂 That’s what makes us all unique. 

I made the photo above about the happiness and I hope others stick to it too!

Oh and…….


Keep smiling lovely people.


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