My week of experimenting with Nail Varnishes



Hello lovely people, I am trying my best to blog more but my stupid bedroom at the moment does not get internet and its just so much effort. So I am combining a few posts in the next coming days. This post is all about the beauty of nail varnishes and polishes, however you want to describe them. For many years at my old work, I was not allowed to have nail polish on my nails, as it interferred with the “food”…. I sold cigeretts and lottery tickets, where’s the food there?! Anyway, new job comes along and I was like THANK GOD I can now wear nail varnishes!! I have talked about my love of the nail varnish before……**hang on, throughout this I am going to swap between polish and varnish, I dont know which one is more correct** back to the sentence……. here’s the post I was having a natter about 🙂 . click here for info 🙂 oh and this one lol oh and er lol this one

So this week, I have been watching a lot of nail art videos and looking at posts on Instagram. My friend tweeted me that I should follow an Instagram page, called – NailsVideos – and I thought hey we all start out as beginners, lets give this a go! Heres my week of changing my nails every day 🙂 I hope you enjoy 🙂


IMG_20140827_002106my first attempt was using the Hyper Gel from Models Own. The saleswoman was very clever and I was a fool for buying into it. Thats the first thing I will tell you. She sold the product, as though it would be as shiny and smooth as the top of the bottle……. It’s not. An amazing colour, but that’s about it. It really isn’t worth how much the polish costs. I have bought better nail polishes in Poundland that have lasted longer and have a better finish.

IMG_20140903_000009My first attempt of nail art and by god it took a lot of patience and concentration. Now the I love the brightness of the Models Own pink here, the white nail polish is of again Models Own. I absolutely love the white nail varnish, its really clear and crisp. Yes………… crisp. The yellow is Rimmel London and the green is E.L.F. I received a lot of compliments on these nails, which I was secretly proud of hehe! Not bad for a first time!

IMG_20140906_173810I am going to put it out there now……. I dont like what I did with these nails. Well apart from the “ring” finger. I dont know why I tried this look, but I thought hey gotta give it a go. I felt like I had skipped a few months forward and it was Christmas!! Lets just say, these lasted 6 hours lol.

IMG_20140901_005454Fun fun fun times!! I love these nails, nice pretty lovely colours, not too brash and in your face. The whiteness of the background really sets them off. These were originally in black, but the colours just weren’t as bright. Polka dots are always great to go with anything.

IMG_20140829_015406This particular polish was on offer in Morrisons and I thought I would give it a go. This is Rimmel London Sweetie Crush, Sherbert Sweetheart, This is the weirdest texture of nail varnish I have touched lol. The colour that you can see above was done by applying nearly 5 coats. Yes 5 coats. I dont think I would use this one now and again but not one that I would chose to wear daily.

These have to be my favourite design of the week! I felt uber girly when I was wearing these colours. I LOVED the ring finger design, it would be great for a bridesmaid or even bridal design (if you have pink in your dress maybe). Again lots of compliments on this and it is such an easy design! The colour is MUA Lush Lilac. The MUA nail varnishes are some of the best, I would definitely say better than the Models Own, which is 6x the price!

IMG_20140910_231740Welcome to Poundland nails. What a beautiful colour the tips of the nails are, really nice and shimmery blues and greens. I have seen the idea of painting just tips on my blogs, so I thought i would give it a go. It is hard to get the right size and angle, I did in the end use a old lipstick brush and it was great for getting into those corners.

IMG_20140912_015109My biggest ever ever ever tip of buying black nail varnish, is to by this nail varnish from Poundland when its Halloween. So go out and get it now!! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it is. The coat that you see on the above photo, is one coat . Yes ONE COAT!! Its so pigmented, hardly ever chips and its smoother than the extra glossy polishes you buy in the high end stores. I have decorated the ring finger with gold dust ELF nail varnish.


There you have it, my nails of the week 🙂 As you can tell these are of my left fingers, you do not wanna see the right hand haha!! Its really hard for me, due to a medical condition I have, my left arm cannot be still so its rather shaky.

what do you think, like, love, or hate?



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