Girls can be vile.

largeI have touched on this subject before, but tonight some news has come about which has just made me really really annoyed. It probably won’t make anyone else annoyed, but because of the emotions involved it’ll mean more to me. ** if non of this makes sense, its because im pissed off, oh and theres quite a bit of swearing in this post**

Over the past few days, I have learnt more about girls than ever. I have previously spoke about how girls should unite together and we should!! We should stick together, because hey who’s gonna go up against those annoying boys 😉 But some girls can be just pure horrible. Girls can be the most argumentative, judgemental and bitchy characters out of the two sexes.

I am one and I will put my hands up, I have judged, I have bitched but I have never ever been malicious, controlling or vile.

There are two quick stories, I am going to tell. One is about my best friend and the other is about me.

The best friend

My girl has liked this boy for nearly 2 years now, this boy (who quite frankly is abit of a dick and an arsehole and I have said it to her face), he has made her feel so happy, made her cry and made her feel rather small. The lad and her met at work, there was a mutual friend who knew my girl, him and his ex. I am a rather good judge of character and I never trusted him ever. I was right to think that. Throughout these 2 years, the ex has stalked her, said horrible things about her on facebook. My girl and our mutual friend used to be really close, and she used to tell him what they had been getting up to, how amazing he was etc…. Low and behold, he went back to the ex and told her sister… who then passed that on. Unfortunately for this dickhead of a mutual friend, he stupidly sent the text saying “she thinks that im her friend, but im telling you everything”………. One, what an absolute tw*t, two – I know he isnt a girl, but what the ex and her sister did next was horrible.

My girl friend was out celebrating her degree *go her!* and 30 minutes after I left her, these two girls came up to her, cornered her in a well…. corner and started saying vile things to her, threatened her and chucked drinks over her. Luckily a friend (a boy) stood in the way and got her out of there.

Why are girls so horrible, the boy is single (unless he’s lying)! why can’t you just piss off.

why are girls so:

– horrible

– rude

– disgusting

– controlling

– unapologetic

My friend never set out to hurt anyone, she never set out to ruin any relationships (if there was one in place, she didnt know), she is a normal girl wanting to start a relationship.

My story

As I have said before, I like this guy. We used to be best friends until I fucked it up and I got so scared. Last November I met his girlfriend (who invited me to his surprise party – possibly keeping enemies closer thing)) she was horrible to me, very judgemental, she made me cry on a night out and made me feel very very small for being his friend. I can’t help it that he still had at that time feelings for me, I hid mine well as again, I am in no way shape or form wanting to ruin a relationship.

Since then, he has not responded to any texts, messages from me, our mutual friend and HIS FAMILY. I cannot stand what’s happening. I know she’s controlling him, I saw it back in November. I have had it so many times, with our mutual friend as we really are close and now him. To prove a point, all throughout our mutual friend’s relationship we hardly spoke, since theyve been split up in 2 months, we text nearly every other day and seen each other loads………… I just do not get it!!!!

But tonight, I plucked up the courage to speak to this guy’s sister, as we get on and I also saw she isn’t friends with this girlfriend on facebook. It appears he does not speak to any of his family, the girlfriend is over controlling and he basically needs to grow balls.

All I want to say to this boy, not the “I like you” part – as theyre still together, but just a simple “hi how are you?” – how hard is that?


Moral of the story, I am pissed off.

More moral of the story:

– if and when I get in a relationship, I will no way ever be like that and if I do, my friends have told me that they will say it straight.


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