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September has made me poor, I had it as a “me month” where basically I just treated myself all month and I loved it, well until 1 week into payday haha and im out of funds. Bugger. Have a look at some of my purchases, PS – ** teeth in lip photos HAVE been whitened because basically I need to invest in whitening *disgusting I know*, only been slightly whitened okie pokie **

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI freaking love a cute little Christmas find early on in the year. This snuggly little bobble hat from Primark. I think this is the only red item that I own and its so Christmassy. The snow men, the snow flake design and hello look at that HUGE bobble up the top. Also – do you love my lights, that’s only some of them in my room (slightly obsessed) PS – hello lovely eyebrows alert – don’t mind if I do!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMy brother texted me a few days ago saying, “I have posted you something let me know when you get it, I hope it makes you smile” that’s all he said. And to my surprise, this huge box came along and inside was Zoella’s Soak Opera and Creamy Madly Dreamy. How beautiful are they. I therefore had to buy some more. I absolutely adore Zoella and everything that she stands for. She in my eyes is everything that I want, she goes through a lot I go through – and perfect “role model” for little girls out there, compared to the likes of Miley Cyrus haha.

But seriously, how cute are the designs of these products. The peachy colours, the gorgeous handwriting labels and how cute is even the names of the products. Just like Tanya Burr’s they are so relatable and every day phrases, unlike these huge companies that make up all these silly names. The smell is beautiful, very calming and relaxing and the body lotion makes you skin so smooth. I bought the make up bag and the fizz bar today, so I havent tried them yet. Will keep you posted!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

ITS AUTUMN!!! LOVE THIS SEASON!! PS 3 new things in this photo. 1 – leaves ❤ 2 – the dark brown ankle boots from Primark, with a fleecy insides ❤ and finally this steal of a bargain from Dorothy Perkins. I have it in Black and now in Purple. The black I wore on a night out:


It has a flower texture to it, nice and comfy around the “bust” area and poofs out just below the waist. It makes me feel great, and I realised that I have been wearing the wrong size for months. I have been trying to wean myself away from “comfort sizes” but it appears that I need to be more stricter. The size above is a size “twenteen” lol, and the purple I bought is a 16 and I feel amazing in it. If you want to have a look further please see the following link >> Dorothy Perkins Link <<

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI am literally about to go back on everything I have just said here haha. But I LOVE a comfy jumper and this is my ultimate favourite. My Mickey Mouse oversized jumper is my go to jumper. I am currently suffering with a heavy cold (I look like Rudolph!!) and this just brings me so much comfort. I need to buy a new one, so I am mega excited for the Winter months to come in. Love a naff jumper!

PicMonkey Collage3I saw on Facebook yesterday an advert for these new products from MUA. I absolutely love a matte lipstick, if you don’t know already and I saw this and thought hey up, I am so gonna try them. So I went into Superdrug today (seriously they have to have a better discount card, I am forever in there!) anyway, these are the three I bought.

Top one – Hot Fuchsia

Middle – Coral Pink

Bottom – Persian Plum

The Lip Switch contains one end a matte lipstick, the other a high shine lip gloss. So therefore for me its great, as I am often changing, but I have had a try with them all and these are the results. As previously stated, I have only whitened slightly my teeth 🙂 lol hence the bright white, but the colours are true.

PicMonkey Collage1Persian Plum. It’s probably the deepest shade I have apart from Barry M Shade 156. Its a strong pigmentation, its rather dark in my opinion, but I would love to wear it on a night out. It will be great for those wintery days and nights. The reason as to why I have these different poses is that you can see as to each one looks like, and also as to whether any of the lipstick comes off on your teeth. Top right you can see there is some going on the teeth, but not as bad as previous lipsticks I have reviewed. The images that you see above, is the only ones in which I have not included the gloss. Therefore you can see that the matte still has a shine to it, unlike the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks.

PicMonkey Collage5Coral Pink is the shade shown above. On the left hand side is just “matte” and on the right has the addition of the shine lipgloss. As you can see sometimes there is no differences but it definitely does give it a different look. The shade I believe is beautiful, in my opinion it suits my skin tone and its not too overpowerful and strong and of course in your face. I think I would be using this lipstick more. No marks on the teeth, which is also a bonus!

PicMonkey Collage6Hot Fuschia, now you are able to tell me off, as you can see I clearly cant count and take photographs ready for the comparisions. The bottom two only are matte, whilst the rest again are like previous – matte vs shine. Again this is a beautiful colour, very pink as it states “hot fuchsia”. It’s something to wear on a night out, a nice little date (ill be lucky!) or a nice “summery” day haha!

I think out of the 3 of them, I prefer the Coral version. I have tried to find these online on the MUA website but it appears there is only a blog about them at the moment. Bit strange.

Have a good night & thanks for reading.



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