X Factor 2014 – My Review – Week 1

10400-the_x_factor_2014_420x250Tonight was the return of the X Factor live shows and it started with a bang. Now I will let you know now, I am an X Factor fan and I love a good reality show – but I prefer Strictly (post to come) hehe. I am glad that Cheryl and Simon are back, Louis is of course just as bonkers as always and I personally think Mel B is a brilliant addition, as the feisty, truthful yet emotional judge. Three huge points I have to make:

1. Paul Akister has been my favourite from the start, and should have been there last year. 2. Mel’s category (weirdly Spice Girls just came on my Itunes!) is THE best, the boys are amazing. 3. Jake Quickenden is in the Boys category but he is 26…. which surely makes him be in the Overs category?! What is the age limit?! ** I have just found out that Jake was 25 when he auditioned, but it seems that 26 – Over 25’s and 25 is the boys**, so yay in still in the Girls category lol!

I am just going to give my views and opinions of the performances tonight ūüôā ** all images are from the X Factor website **



andrea faustini

Andrea Faustini

I have loved Andrea ever since he turned up to his audition in an “I love Pugs” jumper. What a voice, what a voice. He is freaking a-mazing. Tonight he say Michael Jackson’s – Earth Song. Being last up must have been absolutely so scary for him, but he pulled it out of the bag. As an early favourite, it must be so nerve wrecking for him. His other auditions have had standing ovations, tears from the judges and he just has this wow factor. If you have never heard of him, please please have a look at some of his performances.

Here is his Boot Camp Audition –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcrAMZmCAG4 – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

jake quickenden

Jake Quickenden

This is his 2nd time around to the auditions, last time getting as far as judges houses for Nicole. I remember in that year that he was one of the hot favourites and many did think, “why the hell did you put Rylan through and not Jake!!!” After a heartbreaking time about his younger brother, he has come back and I think a lot stronger. Of course his hotness, cuteness just everything (witwoo!!) will take him far. He doesn’t have a strong voice compared to the other two boys, but he gives performance in every song he sings. I think he will go far, but not to the final in my opinion. Have a look at his audition piece, in which he changes his song and the emotion is just amazing.¬†

Jake sings “Say Something” –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVV-h-p6igU¬†

paul akister

I think along with a hell of a lot of the British public last year, we all thought “what the fuck are you thinking Louis Walsh, putting through Sam Callahan and Nicholas McDonald, instead of Paul!”. Now I know that looks aren’t something that we should be judging, as I thought he was pretty gorgeous last year – but Louis sent him packing and he has come back with avengance. He looks just beautiful now, he has lost some weight and he just oozes sex appeal. Here is a link to my favourite audition of his last year –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPLl2-bh_l8¬†¬†¬†A Song for You. I personally was absolutely exstatic when he came back, in my eyes he NEEDS to be in that final. Tonight’s Live Show he sang an X Factor alumni song and he opened the show and series with it. I was taken a back at how great he was, please check it out.¬†

Paul’s version of Ella Henderson’s Ghost –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxkzqtBby7o


chloe jasmin

Chloe Jasmine

Let’s start off with the most contraversial of the contestants, the lovely Chloe Jasmine. I am personally stuck in the middle as to my opinion of her. I can see her turning into the potential of a Katie Waissel standard, but I don’t want that happening. This girl first off can seriously sing, she has a real old school style to her. I think my opinion changed of her in the Judge’s House audition, where she sang “Somewhere over the rainbow” and it really opened up my thoughts on her. If you’re not British, you may think we all sound like we sound the same as those from Downtown Abbey (you know that posh English voice), but to be truthful, when we hear that really posh voice, most don’t like it, most don’t connect to it and we just have a laugh at it. Chloe is very posh with her accent, but we need to learn to judge those on their voices when singing. Anyway, in tonight’s performance she sang “Britney Spears – Toxic” and wow it was very different. I am not going to provide you with that link, but you can find it online. I am going to share her judge’s house audition.

Chloe Jasmine – Somewhere Over the Rainbow –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fRddp515o8¬†

stephanie nala

Stephanie Nala

I think Stephanie was a huge shock to everyone. She was chosen to go through to the live shows between her and another contestant Lola and most thought Lola would go through. Stephanie is no stranger to Simon Cowell produced shows and she was originally in a band called Luminites, where they got to the Final of Britains Got Talent in 2013 – I actually downloaded their song – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na2f2yLSwAg . Stephanie’s voice, the best way to describe it is – a higher pitched version of Ellie Goulding. To be honest with you, I kinda forgot that she was in the Live Finals, she doens’t have that much prescence about her in the shows and although the song was good – we kinda did skip it. It was the only one we got bored with. Plus I can’t remember any of her other auditions.

Stephanie sang – Everything I Own –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLOQG1PK6NE

lauren platt

Lauren Platt

Lauren is the cutest 17 year old. I love her hair for a start and her fashion, but wait until you hear her sing – one word – incredible. She has been a quiet contender so far, but with the others now seemingly taking a step back (ie the girls), it’s definitely Lauren’s time to shine. She has never not had one bad performance, she brings so much confidence and to quote Louis Walsh “she’s only 17!!” One of my favourite auditions of Lauren’s was definitely “Man in the Mirror”, beautiful song. But I bet she definitely opened up a few eyes and ears with her first live performance. Now I am one of those people who cannot stand Pharrell’s Happy song, but she twisted it up and the lyrics were joined Teardrop. It was cool, sophisticated and it made me tap along my feet and not hate the song Happy

Lauren Platt – Happy –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cW_3f5RYD0


stereo kicks

Stereo Kicks

Two things – 1. How many men!?! 2 – Stereo Kicks, sounds a bit too near Rizzle Kicks. So here we have an 8 piece boy band, the age range is huge from 14 to 20. I have no idea how that is going to work with one – nights out (priorities right?) lol, after watershed interviews, appearences and even just personalities. I am sure that they will get on great. We first saw them get together (a bit like One Direction and Little Mix) they were put together to make this rather large band. Now I was not too sure with 8, its usually 3/4/5, but 8 is large. You know S Club 8 was a bit big, but S Club 7 was just perfect. Yep, that’s how I am going to compare them. haha! Each one of them can sing amazingly, each has their own unique audience and im sure each girl/boy has their favourite. Tonight they sang Katy Perry’s Roar and it worked in my opinion.

Here is their first audition – Leona Lewis – Run –¬†http://youtu.be/CKI5yQIDExg?list=PLLJQHjmJHb1rjl7ZGs0edoHM6m2yZkdZ1

only the young

Only the Young

I personally love this band, they’re very unique, cool and gorgeous. I adored their first audition and have ever since. I am trying to think if X Factor has had a mixed group before, but I am sure they have – Same Difference don’t count. ** correction yes – The¬†Unconventionals – Series 3 **. They bring an edge of coolness to the show, it has not been shown before and I think, well I hope, that they go a long way. In their first audition they sang Something About the Way you Look Tonight –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XQplm2Aj2k ¬†and I fell in love with them there. In tonight’s live show, they were the only ones to sing something very different from the rest and that seems to be their recurring theme.

Only the Young – Jailhouse Rock / Twist and Shout –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-NniKHgtTc¬†

blonde electra

Blonde Electra

Here we welcome a standard Louis Walsh finalist, the mad/different/coo-key act. Blonde Electra are not my cup of tea at all, each time I see them I just think – female Jedward.I know that they want to get away from that stereotype, but they are really not helping themselves. They have performed in the same crazy way, I don’t think their vocals are that amazing, but give them where credits do, they simply do not give a shit. Which is also what’s great about them. I hope that they don’t go too far into the competition. I don’t particularly get their act at all. Tonight’s song choice was “Kids in America”, they are British, but they have American accents. Just too weird of an act for me.

Blonde Electra singing at Judges Houses – Gold Digger –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GweWI8-tdCo


fleur east

Fleur East

Just like Simon Cowell I never really noticed her until Judges Houses, she just appeared and it was like bamb hello Fleur. She already looks like a popstar, amazing voice and seems like a fun girl. I don’t have much to say, as like I said never really noticed her before. But what I will say is that Fleur tonight sang Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass. Now I love that song and what it stands for. Being a girl, loving your curves, loving that extra bit of wobble and just having the time not caring what people say about what you look like, whether you bounce too much etc. Fleur sang that song tonight, and I just….. no I couldn’t do it. I was so annoyed lol, never been annoyed at a song choice before. Fleur was dancing with a 6 pack, that’s right a 6 pack!!!!!!! What 6 pack wobbles, unless its a can of beer?! Hated the song choice, so I hope she comes back next week and they think about that choice.

Judges House performance of Fleur’s – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2qeV2p524c

jay james

Jay James

Firstly what a great name for a popstar, secondly – dear god he is gorgeous. Well done Simon for choosing him and Ben who I will talk about next. Thank you!! Actually thank you Judges for a lot of these choices haha! Jay has one beautiful voice, it does weirdly remind me sometimes of Phil Collins with a cross between James Blunt (writing that, makes him sound bloody awful!!), but he is just lovely and he makes you listen to every single word. Jay previously has sung some older songs and all ballads, apart from Say Something. But his live performance this week, was pure genius choosing. His voice absolutely suited this song and if you didn’t know Paloma Faith was the vocalist, you would think it was his song.

Jay sang – Changing –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md4Yt0bwuGc

ben haenow

Ben Haenow

What’s that….. one amazing surname you say! Yep his surname is pronounced “Hey now!” which is just brilliant, and I am sure voiceover man Peter Dickson loved that (along with of course Cheryl’s name change – no one ever beats Rachel Adediji). Anyway back to our rock god Ben, his voice just makes you melt inside, gorgeous deep husky tones and he is beautiful to look at as well. Again never had a bad audition and he sailed through to the live shows in my opinion. Tonight’s song is one of my least favourite songs ever in the world, but I did love his version.¬†Ben performed – Bridge over troubled waters. But my favourite of his has to be the 6 Chair Challenge

He performed – Hotel California –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYMTMqQAZN4



This year instead of each category’s judge choosing a wildcard, another judge chose who to bring back to each other’s category.

stevi ritchie

Stevi Ritchie – Chosen by Cheryl

I don’t care what you say, I freaking love Stevi, thank you Cheryl. His first audition, he messed up his words and just kept dancing. The judges loved him, the audition loved him and he just brings something completely different to the lives. Unlike Blonde Electra who are wacky, Stevi is a different type of ….. different lol. He is not the best vocalist of all times, but he gives on an amazing show, always smiling and dancing. Big weird comparison alert here, I love Robbie Williams, but even he says he’s not the best singer, but he is a great entertainer. Stevi makes the audience laugh and dance along with him. The song that I wanted to show you was the 6 seat challenge, where he sang “I’ve Had the Time of my Life”, where he got a member of the audience on stage and danced, but the clip isn’t available ūüė¶ Therefore I am showing you, his arena audition in which he got the whole audition involved. Although the audience participation cannot beat Jamie Archer’s audition. In tonight’s show he sang Ricky Martin’s Livin Da Vida Loca, in which he danced around, had 8 ladies scantly clad around him, then they wripped his shirt lol you get the jist.

Stevi’s version of Dont Stop me Now –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nhsadfl0kM

lola saunders

Lola Saunders – Chosen by Louis

Finally Louis made a brilliant decision. As previously discussed, Lola was one of the ones that many thought – how did she not get through!! She is a brilliant singer, beautiful to look at but she suffered a bit with nerves. I personally think her best audition was at Judges Houses, in which Cheryl decided to not put her through. Her song choice was All of Me – John Legend. Tonight’s choice was always going to be a bit tricky with me. I love//adore Sam Smith, so anyone who is going to sing Sam’s songs have to be in my eyes just amazing. It was good but not to that standard, lol but that’s me being picky.

Lola’s judges houses performance – All of Me –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imQGtjFzPe4

jack walton

Jack Walton – Chosen by Simon

The boys category were so so good this year and if I could have picked 4 boys to go through, it definitely would have been; Andrea, Jake, Paul and Jack. But unfortunately only 3 could go through, so I was rather happy when Simon told Jack that he was through to the Live Shows. He just brings something completely different to the table. He is very intimate when he performs and makes you listen to the song lyrics. Tonight’s show he performed Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World. Just loved him, one of my favourites of the show tonight. The song I am going to give you is the 6 chair performance:

Jack sang Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP52Te4LcR8¬†

overload generation

Overload Generation – Chosen by Mel B

Firstly, hello name change lol (used to be just Overload), secondly – they did not get through to Judge’s Houses so this was a huge shock and thirdly………. what’s with the Zayn Malik and Harry Styles lookalike along with the Niall. Really sorry boys, but this is what you are going to get, especially if you go on places like XFactor as a 5 piece boyband. You will always be compared to One Direction. Now the boys didn’t get through to Judge’s Houses after all the teenage girls cried their eyes out when they were replaced in the 6 seat challenge. They are good singers, but I just hope that the “teenage hormonal vote” doesn’t overtake. Tonight’s performance, just was not up to the standard compared as to Rizzle Kicks¬† Stereo Kicks (not joking, I did think Rizzle Kicks first). It just had no oomph to it, they performed – Katy Perrys I Kissed a Girl. My favourite audition of theirs was definitely the Arena Audition, in which I seriously thought it was some one else’s song, but it was written by them. It got everyone up and dancing and singing along by the end.

Their own song – No, No, No, –¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd3TtFHz1Pw


So there you have it, my poor little fingers are now sore from all the typing that I have been doing haha!! What do you think of the X Factor?

Who do you think should win X Factor, just from week 1’s performance alone and which 2 YES 2 should leave on Sunday?

Favourites this week (in no order) – Jay James, Ben Haenow, Andrea Faustini, Lauren Platt and Paul Akister.

Two to go – Blonde Electra and Overload Generation.



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