My nail art this week.

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So my new obsession at the moment and I think hobby is doing my nails and making them pretty. I have in the past week and a bit, have done about 6 designs on my nails. I will put them in order so you can see the progression… I DO HOPE I have progressed haha!! I think its helping me a lot not think about him. I have had a few comments about them in the public, which is pretty good – makes me feel like – shit I just wanna do this in life lol but that’s a silly thought!!

So have a look!!

IMG_20141015_011724LOVE the colours in this one, as you can see its rather messy but I just love the aztec style and the bright colours as well 🙂

IMG_20141019_011511I then did a halloween style !! I love my little frankenstein 🙂

IMG_20141023_002609A simple design 🙂

IMG_20141021_003313Mega mega cute in my opinion 🙂

IMG_20141023_225007I went for a Mickey Mouse Disney fuelled nail art hand 🙂

IMG_20141025_165921These are currently my nails right now and I absolutely love them 😀

IMG_20141025_212515Finally these are my mums nails that I did for her 🙂

So there you go, have a great weekend.



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