I am a positive person & I will not change.

tumblr_n3f1mo7S7O1qc312mo1_1280Although I do post sometimes about a bit of my down times, the only reason I do is because I do not want to off load to my friends and its not often that I am down. But I always try to see the positive in something, yes I am that girl that you probably may dislike, because they found a positive in something negative you are thinking about.

I suffer from anxiety, I have had my low moods in the past, I have been to counsellors, I do CBT (which is amazing by the way) and I thought to myself, ‘look you either think negative, or you pull your shit together girl, there’s worse people off than you’, and I thought im going to pull my shit together.

I know people can get stressed, I know too well. But there’s a time and a place.

When someone is constantly negative around you, you can either chose to absorb their negativity, block it out, or try to point out the positives, even if they are the smallest things in the world.

I dont know, maybe its just me. I know some people and they are just constantly negative, and this person the other day told me that I was “too positive” and I have also been told I am naive. I can argue, I can make my point and I can stand my ground, but I just chose absolutely not to, unless I have to.

I really don’t understand those who constantly want to argue, look for flaws in people and look for the dark things in life. I am in no way saying that this is the worst thing, I know that there are daily struggles with people dealing with such things as depression. But this is totally different, when someone is going out of their way to constantly say negative things.

I will not change my views and opinions, I will listen to others and take on their views and maybe change them. But I will not change because someone is forcing me due to their feelings.

Life is life, life is what you make it, you surround yourself with those who you love, do not surround yourself with those who make you feel low.

Just think…… we’re all human, we all shit.

Love is love, we crave it, whether it be a hug, smile, a hello. A smile can make someone’s day, an opening of a door, the little things in life. You never know.

I am currently watching Comic Relief, and still to this day – every time I watch this video… I cry.

Don’t waste your life, when other’s lives are ending.

Please watch this:

5 thoughts on “I am a positive person & I will not change.

    1. Luckily she apologised 3 days later
      aww thank you so much, it was hard to get to this point. Always have a spare treat food in your bedroom somewhere.

      I have made a large jar https://instagram.com/p/xccPTdj6uq/ and I am putting all my positive things in there 🙂 Whether I read them when I am feeling down, or leaving it till December 31st 🙂 you should try it xx


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